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Are you dedicated to the success of your business?

Most people get into business for themselves because they are passionate about the product or service they want to offer.

You can be the best graphic designer, cake maker or electrician, but that doesn’t mean that you can sell your product or service.

Until you can sell yourself effectively and continue to nurture your customers, you will never have the business you rightly deserve.

I am a UK business owner who is passionate about helping other businesses. My breadth of experience, valuable network and reliable team means that wherever you are at right now I have first hand experience of that situation.

I’ve had the relentless worrying over juggling cash flow, taking on staff and staying on top of everything. I have enjoyed the excitement of securing multi-million pound deals and successfully launching new products too.

This means that I am just like you and understand the catalogue of emotions we feel as business owners, the huge learning curve we have to climb and the rapid pace that we have to travel in order to succeed.

If you are a business owner who is looking for a safe environment, full of like-minded people that understand you and provide you with knowledge, inspiration and accountability to help you realise your aspirations, then our Academy programme is exactly what you are looking for.

From working with thousands of business owners through our training programmes The Philmjones Academy has been developed as an accessible community for you to commit to and take advantage from its valuable resources.

This is your chance to make a real difference in your business, learning from others, developing new skills and most importantly, taking action.

What does membership include?

Your Academy membership is made up of 9 key components, each designed with you in mind to help you to take action in your business and really make it grow.

A full business review – Put your business in the spotlight with Phil Jones – Come to our offices or catch up on the phone for an indepth business review with Phil, guaranteed to deliver you new ideas and an action plan to deliver results. (Value £497)

Academy Live – Quarterly business development events hosted by Phil Jones – Meet up with fellow Academy members in these full day events. Learn new skills from Phil and his expert guests as well as preparing your plan for the next quarter. (Value £788 pa)

The Locker – Our online resource center – Gain Access to countless building building strategies, exclusive interviews, tools and templates in this private members only resource centre. (Value £240 pa)

Accelerator – Your sales success programme – Monthly CD Audio delivered to your door delivering you straight talking business building advice allowing you to learn at a time to suit you. (Value £120 pa)

Toolbox Book – Essential selling skills to win more business – Study Phils best selling book and refer back to it as required. (Value £12.99)

Toolbox – The Event online – Video training modules recorded live from Phils’ one day event. Phil shares 8 key strategies to develop and grow your customer base in this 8 video series. (Value £97)

Forum Group – members supporting members – Join our online community and share challenges and celebrate successes 24 hours a day. (Value – You Choose)

Special Offers - Gain vip discounts to all philmjones products and events (Save £’s)

Email Support – Unlimited and on-going support from Phil and his team to help you with the obstacles, questions and challenges that developing a business creates. (Value – You choose)


Each member of our Academy forms part of our very special community and we love to reward our community!

This on-going programme means that you join a group of like-minded people on a rapid journey to newfound success. You become accountable to each other as well Phil, gain stacks of new skills and develop the momentum to really grow – quickly.


The price…

Crazy i know….

To benefit from your privileged place as an Academy member, the Academy is available to you for…

just £47 +vat pcm


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Phil Jones