What is it that makes Phil different?

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Here is what Phil says…

“In the past I have found myself finishing a piece of work and asking the question to people “How did I do?” and then received glowing compliments about my work that made ME feel great. A short while ago I realised that I was asking the wrong question.

It is irrelevant how I perform on stage and what people think of MY performance. In simplicity, It’s nothing to do with ME, it is about how YOU feel and how YOU act following my work that becomes the true measure of success.

What makes me unique is that I am ME and that, I am sure, is
enough of a differentiator to ensure that I stand out in a very crowded market place.
I am not claiming to be able to change your life, I may just be the catalyst to change how you think, what you feel and the actions YOU choose to take.
Based on what others say here are a few things that working with me could do for you.

• YOU will be entertained
• YOU will laugh
• YOU will feel uncomfortable
• YOU will feel empowered
• YOU will feel inadequate
• YOU will learn from my experiences
• YOU will feel my passion
• YOU will feed on my enthusiasm
• YOU will have renewed belief
• YOU will have new skills
• YOU will be reminded of things that you already knew
• YOU will develop new ideas
• YOU will grow
• YOU will have practical solutions to real world challenges
• YOU may be inspired
• YOU may even think “why didn’t I think of that?”

Lets get back to the point.

What is it that makes me stand out?

Why should someone pick me?

I think the answer is simple.

My mission is to change the way that people think. I will ask more questions than I provide answers, I will change the vantage point that you look at your circumstances and you will then have to make some choices.

If I can change the way you think and you choose to answer the questions that I raise, then you may just take a new direction, take new actions, be more, achieve more and realise more of the potential that I know is inside of you! “

“Just genius! He had the whole room in the palm of his hand. I loved his session. So engaging, interesting, informative and USEFUL. I’ve used his 3 magic words a few times already and I am LOVING how empowering it feels to KNOW I’m giving it my best shot. Would LOVE to have more sessions from him. He was engaging and entertaining without ONCE appearing the slightest bit patronising. Very refreshing!”

The Pampered chef

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A few extra reasons to book Phil

His ability to think on his feet, give straight talking messages and empower confidence are all attributes that are propelling Phil as one of the UK’s leading authorities in Sales, negotiation and business building.

Phil is happy delivering to small audiences and takes great pleasure delivering to thousands at the big events too. Every event regardless of size is a new challenge and gets personal attention.

Each presentation is tailored to the needs of your audience and whats most important is that his presentations bring action and the actions bring results to your business.

Be prepared for your audience to be involved from start to finish, to gain practical take aways they can use, be inspired to take action and thoroughly enjoy the show.

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