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12 Ways to Be at the Top of Your Game

After working with and interviewing hundreds of highly successful people, I’ve noticed a surprising number of behaviors and characteristics that are consistently true among all of these individuals. Being a superstar and reaching the height of your potential is within each of us, and I am a firm believer that success follows a pattern. Take a moment and review these key principles I’ve witnessed in every successful person I have ever met.

Have a crystal clear vision

Being able to see into the future and visualize with complete confidence the potential of your idea is essential to becoming brilliant. While many people will look to challenge your vision and most will tell you it’s unattainable, it is an unquestionable belief in your vision becoming reality that ensures your success. Creating clarity in your mind’s eye delivers the focus required for your future accomplishments.

Make decisions

Procrastination is, without question, the slowest route to anywhere. Indecision stands in the way of progress in so many people’s lives, and the constant hunt for perfection fuels a lack of action. Not making a decision is the equivalent of standing still. While standing still, you’ll never reach the top of the mountain, whereas trying every path until you get there will eventually lead you to the peak. Decisions create actions, actions bring outcomes and outcomes grow your success and prosperity.

Keep learning

Superstars are on a quest to become masters of their craft and are determined to be the best they can be. You’ll create mastery through the ability to fast-track your learning and accelerate your experience by building on the vast experiences of others. Read the books and attend the trainings of those who have achieved something close to your own dream.

Be a leader (not a manager)

The idea of simply “managing” is a huge turn-off for all those who seek huge success. Synonyms for “managing” are words like “supervising” and “overseeing,” and I’m sure that these are not the sort of words that truly inspire you. Leaders do not need to micromanage all the details — they know where they are going and are fixed on that destination. Leaders know why they’re staking a certain path and why others should follow. Great leaders always have the answers to all the “why” questions.

Take full personal accountability

Those who reach heightened levels of success never spend any of their energy blaming external factors or other people. They work harder on themselves than they do on their excuses. Success is derived from honesty — in every area of your life, but most importantly with yourself. It is far more meaningful and productive to work at being better than to wish that things were easier.

Move quickly and don’t live in the past

The past is a place for reference, not residence. Using your experience to devise better plans for the future is critical if you want to reach more of your potential. Every superstar has made countless mistakes, and it’s typically these mistakes that grew and shaped them. Take the time to review past activities and then start applying those lessons to your daily routines immediately.

Walk the talk

Spend more time doing and less time talking about doing. This part is simple.

Don’t let poisonous people into your life

The world is full of haters, whiners and moaners, and they all love company. These people take great pleasure in crushing your dreams and sucking energy out of your day. A good friend of mine talks about his regular “life laundry” where he cleans out anyone from his life who is holding him down as opposed to building him up. Surround yourself with people that inspire you and help you grow. Successful people actively encourage success in others and will celebrate it.

Spend less time in bed

Well… at least the time you spend sleeping. Simply getting up one hour earlier every day gives you over 20 extra hours per month to invest in being awesome. Think about what you could do with an extra 20 hours every month.

Work hard

There is rarely such a thing as an overnight success. Success is achieved through consistent hard work that, with repetition, builds habits that create an elegant and effortless level of competence. The irony is that you can only achieve effortless performance with a huge amount of initial effort, and most people are not prepared to put in the required work to get things off the ground.

Have a coach or mentor

Nobody ever achieves and maintains huge success all on their own. All of the greats have someone to keep them on track, monitor their performance and provide additional accountability. A great coach or mentor can see things from a different perspective and help you to see things differently, too.

Give up when it’s right

Success is about having one defined and clear vision and strategizing many paths that can get you there. Successful people know exactly when to stop going down one path and start on the next. The key is to give up on the wrong thing and then start on the next.

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