5 Things ‘Bricks & Mortar’ Businesses MUST Do to Pivot

Here are my top 5 recommendations for what small ‘bricks & mortar’ businesses MUST do to bring their business online, communicate changes to their customers, and put the customer at the heart of their decision making process:

1. Open consistent communication channels with existing customers and contacts.

Collect email addresses, encourage social following and gain permission to communicate digitally.

2. Develop a 'Minimum Effective Dose' hybrid comms strategy

Decide what your minimum, consistent communication touch points will be and set clear expectations with your customers. Think about frequency of communications, updates to homepage and also how you can use your physical location to better communicate this. A closed sign on your door is far less effective than a sign that reads “visit our website at and learn how we can still provide you services online”

3. Decide how an online offering is BETTER for their customer

For your online offering to be worth it to you, it must be worth it to your customers. Decide with confidence why your online solution delivers an increased value proposition versus calling or visiting in person. Perhaps even write your value statements out in full to check.
  • Order online to save time and beat the queues
  • Schedule online and save $x
  • Mention this post and get an extra xyz
  • Share this image and receive xyz as a thankyou
  • Use our video consultation and stay safe in your home

4. Support other small businesses

When building out your online offering you will possibly need the help of other professionals. If you are looking for more people to see value in your independent business, then consider hiring talented independent contractors and businesses to support your new requirements.

5. Don’t do it alone

Instead of trying to build a following and pivot a business online on your own, collaborate with other local businesses and consider how you can support each other. It would make more sense for local shoppers to experience the online efforts of a group of local retailers who can all share and support each other than everyone trying to play bigger without the infrastructure.

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