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Podcast: “Knowing Exactly What To Say In Your Sales Conversations” – In The Arena with Anthony Iannarino

“One of the most fundamental but overlooked pieces of any sales presentation is being confident in what to say to your prospect. It’s not about product features, though that’s necessary. It’s about understanding the way human beings work.”

This interview happened as a result of my being introduced to Anthony by a mutual contact. So I got to tell my story right from the start at aged 14 right through to now, including the lessons you learn when you start in business at such a young age.

We covered many of the key words and exactly what to say in various situations to get the best result from your sales negotiations. Just by learning, practicing and applying such simple words choices can make such a difference. And this discussion of my journey brings to the fore how learning lessons by experiencing is the best way to progress.

As a young person in my profession I learned quickly that I couldn’t demand respect, I had to add value in order to be recognised. I also discuss my ‘secret formula for success’ – have a listen around 9 minutes in to see what it is

You can listen to my interview with Anthony by streaming it below or listen to it here.