The perfect
add-on to your business

Back in 2017, Phil M Jones published a book that has revolutionized the communications industry and helped everyone from parents to professors to have more influence and impact in their critical conversations.

With now over 1 million copies of the book in circulation, it being the most listened to non-fiction book on Audible and having translations spanning 20+ different languages, there has been an influx of demand for the core lessons and principles to be taught to others in a human to human fashion. 

Resisting temptation to launch an ‘online-course’ Phil has stayed true to his values that learning to become better communicators in all areas of conversation is best served when facilitated by real people and in real moments – and as such, the opportunity to become a Certified Facilitator and Guide has been created.

Why now?

Celebrating the milestone of over 1 million books distributed, a brand new edition of Exactly What to Say is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2022. This is a fully expanded and extended hardcover edition of the book and serves as a tool to not only deepen learning, but also introduces challenges and serves as a journal for the reader to explore their own personal growth journey with the book.

This updated book is the perfect tool to support an assisted learning experience and allow others to enjoy helping others learn Exactly What to Say.

Ideal Candidates

Having access to this expertise and curriculum is the perfect add on for an existing Coach, Trainer, Consultant or Business Owner. 

Successful candidates will all be personally vetted by Phil and will also need to demonstrate a deep existing understanding of the book and provide personal examples of its positive impact on their own lives.

Becoming a Certified Guide is an add on to your existing business and the program will help add additional revenue opportunities to your current organization, provide deeper knowledge around influence and persuasion and connect you to a passionate community of like-minded individuals. 

The Opportunity

Becoming an Exactly What to Say Guide is best viewed as an accelerant to your existing business and your value is best realised when you use the opportunities it creates to support your existing operation.

Becoming a Guide gives you the ability to:

How We Support

Succeeding as a Guide is dependent on your own ability to create and maximize opportunities.

To help set you up for success, you receive the following…

The Investment

Becoming a Guide requires some focused effort and a financial investment of $15,000 USD for the initial registration, training, materials and licence, with an annual recurring renewal of $5,000 USD.

Next inductions are scheduled for:
1/2 September 2022, New York City
27/28 October 2022, New York City

And What Else?

As a Guide you also have the ability to promote and discuss the work through interviews, integrate into your own training systems and be a fully authorized ambassador for Exactly What to Say with the freedom to be creative. 

Further opportunities are also expected that Guides will be able to:

The Next Steps

To register your interest in becoming part of the founder team, please complete the form below to set up a discovery meeting and assess your candidacy.

EXACTLY what to read.

“Read this book once a day for a week, once a week for 2 months, then once a month until it all sticks”

– Matthew Kimberley

What if you could help your children understand the power and importance of the words they speak each day?