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Exactly What You Are Looking For – “The Secret To Success” Revealed

In side conversations, via social media, during podcasts and even during live question and answer sessions at events is a variation of the question, “What is the secret to success?”

Now I am sure you already know that there really is no secret to success. One thing to be certain of though, is that ‘success’ does leave clues!

The 2 biggest commonalities that I have repeatedly witnessed as to why most people fail to achieve are really quite simple.

1 – They are aiming at the wrong thing!

During many conferences all around the world you see people being welcomed to the stage and recognized for their achievements.

During a conference short while ago in Dallas. I was witnessing a group of sales professionals perform their ‘peacock strut’ of a walk across the stage as their names scrolled the screen behind them for achieving a company benchmark of success.

During a private luncheon with the group of people afterwards, my question to them was;

“So how does it feel to be in the ‘just above average’ club?” 

They initially didn’t see where I was coming from, so I went on to explain myself.

This video shares with you what I explained and perhaps shifted their point of view a little. Take a watch and see if it can do the same for you?

2 – Because they are trying their “Best”

There’s a question I’ve been asking of lots of my audiences recently. And it is “If you were given the choice of being good at something, being better at something or doing your best at something, what option do you think that more people would pick?”

Most people say that they want to do their best at something.

And I find it fascinating. I think that in itself is a limiting belief.

Here’s an example. Ask yourself this – Have you ever come back from something saying I tried my best and then realized that it’s an out and out lie?

Because when you say those words “I tried my best” or somebody else says; “It’s no problem, you tried your best” – internally you know that it’s a complete mistruth. There was more you could have given or done. Worse than that is that it creates this understanding that ‘best’ is a finite destination. That it’s a point in time that you cannot ever go past.

Perhaps you would be better to focus on something different.

This video shares exactly what you should be focusing on by alternative.

I guess what I am really saying is, if you shift your lens on what you are focusing on, you can start to see things differently and achieve more of what you really want as a result.

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