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Podcast: “The Power of Words” – Grow My Revenue Business Cast with Ian Altman

What separates top-performing sales professionals from mediocre ones? What distinguishing features do the pros exhibit when they walk into a sales conversation? And how do they manage to build instant rapport with prospects almost from the outset, while their less-than-average counterparts stumble to get their words out?

No doubt, being able to communicate with impact and influence is key to business success. Too often, though, sales people trip over their words and fall flat during sales conversations. They fail to connect. Instead of pulling people in, they push them away.

In this episode of Ian’s Grow My Revenue Business Cast, I share:

  • The exact words to use when starting conversations with new prospects.
  • The psychology behind certain word choices and why they’re so effective.
  • How to get to the truth faster and with less struggle in sales conversations.
  • How to overcome objections and a client’s predetermined ideas.
  • What to say to get your clients to give you referrals every single time.

You can stream it below or listen to it here.