Magic Words: Increase Your Average Transaction Value

If you sell a quantity of anything or have packages and bundles in your offering, then you may not be aware that there is a simple set of words that you could be using that helps your buyer to choose a greater level of service or number of items, objects, or hours. 

It is not uncommon for you to have a potential buyer that is stuck in indecision between two options based on size, and my guess is that you would like them to pick the top one, the bigger number, as this is the one that brings the biggest reward.

Let’s imagine it was numbers of people in a training course. You were speaking to the training department and they were unsure whether to send three or four people. They need help making their mind up, and they’re almost about to say we need time to think about it.

Instead of allowing the objection to arise – you lean into the conversation with a simple question fuelled with the magic word “Enough”

It’s a tiny little word with only a few characters in it, but if you say to people at the very right time “Would the four places be enough for you?”

Then providing you’re reasonable, people decide quickly and choose the option presented. This outcome is created because of the fact that their subconscious is answering the very direct question you posed of it. When you ask, “Is four enough?” they think “Yeah four’s enough so let’s move forward with four”.

A second example could be say that you have a product based business and are selling in quantities. Let’s say that you are a printer and your typical order is for 500 business cards, but you’d like to sell 1000, and they couldn’t choose between the two. Imagine what a difference it could make if you simply said, “Would 1000 be enough for you?”

Additionally, imagine you were selling consultancy services and you were selling days of your time over a month and they weren’t sure to have you for one day a month or two days a month. “Would two days a month be enough for you?”

The beauty of the magic word ‘enough’ is it’s difficult to go backwards from, so providing you’re reasonable you can grow the size of the decision of your prospect.

Like everything, this simple technique does not work with all of the people all of the time, but when delivered with integrity, confidence and consistency you will soon start to see growth in your average order values.

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