Make it easy to buy!

The main function of a sales person is to encourage customers to purchase goods or services. I often refer to sales people as professional “mind maker-uppers” and if we are looking to help our prospects reach decisions, then we really should take a look at our processes and ensure we are doing all we can to make buying a painless process.

Big decisions are always harder to make than smaller ones. As such, I would encourage you to look at your paperwork process and pricing structure and ensure that your prospects are not put off or confused by these. Can your existing contract process be replaced with a simple one-page form? Can you create simple offers and products within your business and communicate these so that customers can make a quick decision?

Without a doubt, a decision is far easier to make if the fear of loss is removed. For example, more than eighty years ago, a pioneering retail company named Marks and Spencer introduced a “no quibble” returns policy. This action was a key factor in their significant growth, and today it is the UK’s leading retailer, with over 21 million people visiting the stores each week.

There are a number of actions you can take straight away that may work for your business.

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free initial period
  • No success – no fee
  • No contract
  • Guaranteed results
  • Attractive payment terms

If you are looking for more business, I encourage you to remove all obstacles from your buying process and continue to make your own luck!


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