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Make Like a Boy Scout: Always Be Prepared

The majority of businesses are missing the correct strategy to prepare. The sales process can be demanding, challenging and provide a variety of unexpected obstacles. However, our preparation is completely within our control.

Being prepared is vital, and it’s often said that the person going nowhere usually gets there. Be honest with yourself and audit your own performance. Understanding your target customer is essential in both finding new customers and setting you apart from your competitors.

A detailed knowledge of the customers you’d like to have, the prospects you’re working on and your existing customers is a necessity in maximizing your success. The important thing to remember, though, is that people buy from people, not organizations.

Understand what is important to the key decision-makers within the business you’re prospecting. Find out their interests, their hobbies and their personal circumstances, as these help you understand the person behind the job description. The length of time they’ve been involved in their business, other key decision-makers, their competition and their plans for the future are all facts that will give you increased confidence and an added edge in the marketplace.

Gathering this information may sound like a drawn-out and time-consuming process. However, I promise this information is easily available if you choose to look for it. The Internet is full of useful information. Company websites give some facts, but personal profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter often provide an even greater wealth of valuable information. You can also find out great information from the people you already know. Contacts within the industry can provide valuable information about your prospects, and this will bring you a significant competitive advantage. If you receive referrals in your business, take the time to question your referral source to gather individualized information that may be useful.

I can’t underestimate the importance of this information. Having it will set you apart from your competition and help you win more business.