Helping Network Marketers 
To Achieve More Success

I’ve always been highly intrigued by Network Marketers. They’re some of the most passionate, positive and motivated people that I’ve ever met.

My journey with them started back in 2008. For 12 months, I ran a live workshop across the UK to more than 2,500 attendees. There was always a mix of people in the room. Some were small business owners, some were corporate staff and a selection were Network Marketers.

What I always found interesting about these people were that they were passionate about results, building a business around their life and genuinely helping others – yet they often weren’t equipped with any business expertise.

Especially when it came to selling…

This was one of the reasons that I created my highly popular “Magic Words” programme, to allow Network Marketers to use the right word choices to open conversations, close sales and have more success.

This led me to being featured as a guest on a number of webinars for worldwide Network Marketing leaders. I gave content, shared practical strategies and loved the buzz.

Then in 2012, I was invited to speak at the annual conference of a leading Network Marketing company– where I shared some of my best selling strategies to a room full of smiling faces.

This was the clincher for me.

In my entire speaking career, I’ve never felt as much love, positivity and passion from an audience before.

Looking back, this was the moment where I made the sub-conscious decision that I MUST work with Network Marketers.

In March 2016, I finally put my plan into action and launched a brand new programme called:

“Massive Motivation Month of Marketing, Magic, Money Making and More”

(it was a bit of a mouthful…)

More than 3,000 Network Marketers joined, and for 31 days, I gave them actionable high impact activities that they could implement within their business to get better results.

The feedback was incredible and some of the results that members achieved were eye watering.

Based on the tremendous success and demand, I launched my rolling programme “Magic Month” which continued to work with Network Marketers to drive bigger results and help them to get the freedom/income that they desired when they first entered the business.

I now continue to work with Network Marketers on a global scale; sharing my strategies and offering my sales experience to allow increased sales and freedom.

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