As a result of the effects of COVID-19, for many organizations it’s business as (un)usual. Find out more about how Phil can help you in these unprecedented times.


Now more than ever

Consider every independent business you would love to still be here this time next year and know that through these coming weeks, many will be tested harder than they have been tested before, and sadly, many will not survive.

If you want to limit the failures, consider a few steps you could take to help….

  • If you love your local coffee shop, don’t forget to order from them.
  • If you love your gym and private trainings, ask them if they can deliver you a virtual Pt session and perhaps buy a number in advance.
  • If you love your hair and beauty professional, can you buy some gift cards to share with loved ones or even to use for yourself at a later time.
  • If you love your local take away, don’t forget to order from them.
  • If you love books, consider buying from the bookstore and not through amazon.
  • If you love your local pub/restaurant – ask them how you can help – and then ask them again.
  • If you love having independent tradespeople to take care of home repairs, then what have you been meaning to have done but not got around to doing?
  • If you have a cleaner, a nanny a care worker that you love, what can you do to help them through these coming weeks?

When you are doing the shopping you need…

  • Can you keep the profits within your community?
  • Can you support the causes you care about?

As the economy slows, it’s a chance for us to slow down our thinking and ask ourselves how we can all support each other.

Regardless of political views, decisions around your strategy to navigate this pandemic, or social positioning – let’s please do one thing in unity – put people first.

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