Podcast: “Curiosity, Empathy, Courage” – Relish the Journey Podcast with Myles Biggs

It was an honor to be on this podcast, mainly because I know the presenter, Myles Biggs, was excited to reach out to me to be a guest after listening to the Audible version of Exactly What To Say.

We talked a lot about my journey as an author, why I prefer to self-publish versus using publishing houses and the benefits of owning your own IP. The big takeaway here was having a real reason and purpose for writing a book other than just having always wanted to write one. What do you want it to do for you?

I also enjoyed our discussion on habits and routines where I surprised Myles with my approach which was more about purpose than having regimented plans (not to mention having a crazy schedule that makes timetabling almost impossible).

Finally I talk about my big values of curiosity, empathy and courage and how they have helped me on my own journey.

“If somebody else can do it, can somebody else be me?”

You can stream it below or listen to it on the Relish the Journey Podcast website.

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