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Podcast: “Exactly What to Do” – The Speaking Show with David Newman

David is somebody I’ve followed, respected and enjoyed learning from for some time. His podcast The Speaking Show – is a real go-to for speakers who want to hone their skills, build a business and learn from other speakers who share their stories.

In this episode we talk a lot about books and how they relate to getting speaking gigs (it may not be what you think), the real secret to success as a speaker, the importance of not overselling yourself.

My key takeaway: If you aren’t convinced you can give value, you cannot convince others to have confidence in you either. Posture is important in getting what you want, but the worst mistake you can make is overselling yourself. 

There’s so much more in the episode. Take a listen and let me know your key takeaways too.

I loved talking with David about what it really takes to build a successful speaking business that lasts.

You can listen to it below or on the Speaking Show website.

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