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Podcast: “The Magic Words of Management” – Manage Smarter with Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith

On the Manage Smarter podcast, Audrey and Lee are excellent at facilitating conversations that are – as they describe – frank, fast-paced and humorous, featuring discussions facing managers from the front lines to the C-Suite. I loved their energy in this interview and clear commitment to helping people become better bosses and more effective leaders and communicators.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Why indecision is the enemy of leaders
  • Key phrases to turning the leverage around onto the non-performer and to create empathy
  • Tips for Magic Words that can boost performance and turn around poor performers
  • Why leaders shouldn’t ask for recommendations that don’t get buy-in and how to fix this
  • How to make people SEE what you’re saying instead of HEARING it

You can listen to it below or on the Manage Smarter website.

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