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How to be a ‘Professional Mind Maker Upper’

An alternative job title for a salesperson is a ‘Professional Mind Maker Upper’ and you need to get over any fears of rejection and make the rejection happen a little less in your business.

Here are 5 different tools to help you close some decisions. You can choose which would be most appropriate for the person and the situation:

  1. Assumptive close – This works on the basis of simple psychology in a series of statements followed by a question which means they must agree with the statements. For example: “So we’ve gone through the information and you can see how our offering ticks all the boxes in terms of saving you time and money. So in terms of your order, which address is it you’d like it to be sent to – your home or business address?”
  2. Alternative close  – This is about giving prospects the perception of choice. For example: “Would you like to go for the basic package or would you prefer the premium option with the extra benefits we discussed?” You can do the same when arranging a meeting with a prospect- “I can do Monday at 11am or 3pm on Thursday – which suits you best?”
  3. If I can, will you – Say they ask to buy ta product at a discount on the retail price. For example: “If can do it for $150 would you be able to pay today?” If they say yes to that, you don’t need to sell it to them for $150. You’ve just established that they are keen to buy. You can then say “I can do that but for just $35 more I can then offer you a personal service where I deliver it to you myself and discuss how you can best use it to suit your individual needs.”
  4. Summary Close – This turns a big decision into a series of smaller decisions to get them to the finishing line. In this example you ask a series of easy closed questions, looking to gain a rhythm of “yes”-based answers. The rhythm of yes’s then leads to the bigger yes. For example: “So would it be fair to say that you’re going to want to do something to save money in your organization? And that you need to make a decision on who to work with quickly? And you’re in a position where you are able to make that decision? And I’ve shown you our company and what it’s all about? And you have contacts who have been happy with our service? … So shall we look to get started and get everything in place?” The chance of getting a “yes” to that question is now far higher.
  5. Direct Close – This is great for situations where your prospect won’t give a committed answer and is dragging out the process. This is also where you push for a no and they may snatch back with a yes, but if they say no you get your life back! “So I’m pretty sure this business isn’t for you and that the initial plan of earning extra cash is no longer of interest, so I’ll leave you be.”

Your job as a ‘Professional Mind Maker Upper’ is to help people towards a decision and get over the finishing line – or to walk away faster if it is a “no”. The most energy-sucking place to be for everyone is in limbo, stuck in indecision and feeling uncomfortable.

Learn when to use these techniques and your results are sure to improve as you gain confidence in closing.

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