Sometimes It Is Really Hard

The world of business is a rollercoaster with plenty of ups and plenty of downs.

It is a huge challenge and certainly not for everyone. However, for many, the rewards are seriously worth it.

The truth of it is that we will all face tough times, and we will all question if it is worth moving forward. These challenges are normal and all part of the journey, yet for many, it can be seen as time to give up.

Over the years, I have learned some simple processes that can really help smooth out the tough times, and today, I wanted to share 3 of the most useful.

  • Have clear written goals.  The power of goal setting has been drilled into me from a very young age. I remember vividly the first time that heard that “goals are simply dreams with deadlines” and that lesson has stuck firm with me. We all dreamed as kids, and you still have permission to do exactly that today. Take the time to evolve your dreams by putting a plan together to achieving those dreams, now you have clear written goals. The trick is to have not just the “What” you are going to do but the “Why” you want to do it. If the “Why” is strong enough, then you soon figure out the “How”
  • Celebrate your successes.  It’s too easy to focus on all the things that we are yet to do or where we have failed. A few years ago, I started to write a Victory Journal. Each time I achieve something significant I take the time to sit and write about it in my Victory Journal. Then if I am ever having a bad day, I can sit and read it and remember that I am not the loser I am currently telling myself I am, I have a proven track record of success. I am almost certain that you have plenty of successes in your past that you too can build on.
  • Pick your friends wisely.  Not everyone you mix with will support and aid you in tough times. Often those who are closest care so much but are not always best positioned to advise. Have great support mechanisms, a coach or mentor is a great way of having consistent, positive and professional support. Picking your social acquaintances to deliver you more of what you need is a powerful way to keep you on track.

I am keeping this article brief on purpose.

Simply to highlight that regardless of how hard things are, you are not alone and that you are in complete control of dozens of actions that can move you forward and you can start on those actions right now.

Nothing happens unless you make it happen!

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