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Teaching the world to sell

I am 38011 ft in the air and travelling at a speed of 482 mph somewhere over the Atlantic and heading to one of my favorite cities in the world and the flight is basically empty…

What I love about an empty flight is that it gives you the space, time and room to really think. Distractions are few and far between and the ability to find clarity is polarized by the fact that I am staring at map that tells me exactly where I am going!

Watching this map and as I nudge closer to my destination it has me sat here thinking about my life, where I have been and most importantly where I am heading.

Having already surpassed the ambition I had for myself as child, it becomes continually more difficult to decide where to point myself as the options become more and more abundant and the ability to choose between the right thing and the wrong thing to do becomes greyer and greyer.

This career of mine has gifted me an magnitude of experiences and a plethora of opportunity. I have surpassed the need to worry about paying for my basic needs and have ticked off nearly every one of the tangible, commodity driven goals that I thought I really, really wanted.

So what next, where do I point myself from here???

I have been playing with this question for a while and today is the day where I have decided to decide.

My professional life to date I have dedicated to serving others. Being in the “helping” business is massively rewarding and delivers huge returns for the difference you can make for the lives of others. These rewards, however, are not without personal sacrifice…

This last 12 months I have spent more time in hotels and planes than I have in my own home and my favourite possessions have become my Bose headphones, my iPhone and my super sexy Tumi carry on suitcase. These items have very quickly become my friends and regularly have become my consulting partners as I use the limited spare time in my days to ponder the problems and challenges that life presents me with. These problems and challenges are interesting when compared to how others would think because in my world my thinking time is typically dedicated to solving the problems of others.

The diversity and depth of the experience that I have gathered on my journey means that I have the huge responsibility of knowing a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. When you add this to the fact that I have a giant heart, an optimistic personality and the inability to say no – I very quickly find myself stretched in every direction and take responsibility for so many other people’s stuff!

The information age that we all live in adds to this anxiety as everywhere I look you see examples of new ways, secret methods and short cuts to reach the magical and mythical destination that is known as “the top”.

This shiny penny of a destination provides the perfect distraction to keep me bouncing towards developing new ways to spread a message, reach my audience and create stacks of money really really quickly.

I never got into this business for the money. Yet the money has now become the universal scorecard for success. Social media tells us all that if you purchase this new heavily reduced training course it reveals the secret formulae to your new 7 figure life in just 12 weeks and other such nonsense.

My profession is focused on the motivation of helping others to genuinely do stuff that they previously couldn’t in order to achieve an outcome that they really wanted. And as this digital age becomes littered with people’s squeeze pages, sales funnels and targeted web adverts following the vulnerable across the web promising the earth and delivering far less, the whole environment is starting to make me feel less and less comfortable to do business in this space.

The mission to get into this business started way back in 2008 when the recession bit hard and I was witnessing hundreds of good and talented people spiral backwards in their finances and struggle through some really tough times. My observations meant that I started to help some of these people by teaching these people to do something nobody had taught them before. I started teaching people how to sell stuff! I looked back on my successful career and realise that the things I knew more about than anything else was how to find customers, get them to say yes and to get them keep coming back for me.

My current business was a beautiful accident and was formed out of my passion to change the perception of the ancient art of selling and help contribute to my local community by running courses that taught essential selling skills to non-sales people.

This passion project has since become an epic journey as the world has showed me just how many “non” sales people there are in this world that require essential sales skills if they are to achieve the things they want in life. The truth is that every single human being needs to know how to sell. Whether it is an idea, a product, a service or an outcome – we are all looking to influence the decisions of others to achieve the outcomes we desire.

I have tried to fight my true professional identity for quite some time as I have been pigeon holed by others with descriptions of business coach, marketing expert, motivational speaker, life coach and other labels followed up with the most unusual adjective “guru”

Today’s realisation is that I am none of those things! I am certainly not your GURU!

If my life’s mission is to change the perception of the world of sales and help others to see that selling is not a dirty word – then it starts with me being brave enough to stick myself in the same box I am asking others to find comfort in. If I am asking you to accept that you can become sales professional then I must first accept that what I am is nothing more than a professional sales trainer.

Cut the hype and forget my ego – all that I am is a sales trainer – albeit a bloody good one.

I have taken my experience, developed my methodology and mastered my craft to a point where hundreds of my delegates report massive impact on their lives from my work and many would claim that I am without doubt the best sales trainer they have ever worked with.

So what does this crazy rambling mean?

I didn’t have any idea where I was going when I started to write today…. I just knew that I was close to finding my clarity and setting my own GPS on the right track for the next chapter of my professional career.

I have decided that from this moment onwards I am going to work to my core strengths and let go of the other things that provide distraction to my professional legacy. My work is now dedicated to one thing and one thing only – delivering essential sales skills to the people that need them most.

My primary medium for achieving this is the one communication channel that I enjoy the most, that delivers the best results for others and truly makes my heart sing. Standing on stages globally and working with real people, who have a real product or service that benefits real people is where I will be focusing all my effort and my personal aspiration is to reach millions of people and be recognized globally as the world’s #1 Sales Trainer!

Between events I will serve the growing community of Academy members by sharing knowledge and experience into our Facebook group as they keep me company on the road and you will also see me develop new material for my FREE smartphone app. The only other thing that I will be working on is my passion for writing. I will write emails to my community, create blogs when I feel like it and there are at least 3 more books in my head that I must get written.

It is now time for me to serve others better than I have ever served them before.

It starts by me being honest to myself and deciding that if I am heading out to work then I am working on the things that truly light me up. This means that I can then serve all I work with better and, most importantly, I can serve my cherished family and loved ones in a more honest and sincere way without stealing time from them by working on the wrong things.

Today is the day that I say no to the hundreds of things that I could do in favour of getting back to the real reason I started in this work – to teach the world to sell.