Jimmy Mackin: Marketing

In today’s show of Words with Friends, we interview Jimmy Mackin, CEO, Curaytor. Jimmy provides marketing services in the real estate space.

The word that we have chosen to talk about in today’s show is “marketing”.

We start this show by attempting to define “marketing” – an often misunderstood word. Is the purpose of marketing to grab attention? And should a marketing campaign always result in an increase in revenues?

The next segment of the show will be particularly interesting as we discuss how you figure out a winning marketing angle and then correctly position yourself. To do so, you can either focus on the competitor’s weakness or attempt to carve out an entirely new niche in the market. So, which is the best approach for you and why? We cite relevant and real-world examples here to make our case.

Additionally, when it comes to positioning yourself can be better, cheaper, or more convenient. We specifically discuss how you can come out with a better product and then highlight the benefits using strategic marketing techniques.

After hearing this show, you will realize why even a great business with great service can go nowhere WITHOUT great marketing.

We hope you enjoy this show!

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • What is the purpose of marketing? Does marketing always drive revenues?
  • Should you aim to be better or cheaper as you aim to capture market share?
  • Marketing case studies which showcase winning approaches that some of the world’s top companies take
  • And so much more!


“Marketing is about communicating your values”.

“You can’t compete on every level. You have to pick the horse that you have to ride”.

“Growth can come from your existing customer base”.

“You can be a successful business owner and still be lost”

“Better also means solving a problem in a smarter way that causes people to be frustrated”.

“The market decides if you are successful”.


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