Writing out Your Thoughts to Warm Hearts

When you take a look at your life so far and reflect on the recognition, praise and rewards showered upon you, I am certain you are able to count on one hand the number of occasions you remember vividly and which have really left their mark.

With this in mind, I want you to consider acknowledging people who have created massive value for you and your business. In today’s fast-paced society, taking time to recognize effort above and beyond basic duties will give your business the edge and make you leap out from the crowd. Whether you wish to reward excellence in your team, show gratitude to a valued customer, celebrate success with an introducer or influence a prospect, showing your appreciation will bring significant returns.

Financial reward can be an incentive, but it’s rarely the best option and over time could cost a fortune. You’ve heard people say that “it’s the thought that counts” and in business, this old adage gives us a chance to shine. Rain genuine praise on your employees when they achieve. Say thank you to your customers at every given opportunity, and let your introducers know their efforts are appreciated – do all you can to go the extra mile.

Those of you who know me are aware of the positive feedback I’ve received using handwritten cards. With email overload and the whole world going mobile, a successful way of getting noticed is to go back to the basics. Sending a handwritten card or letter acknowledging achievements or just saying “thank you” will win you respect and appreciation.

I believe it is possible to build a business by sending cards to customers and prospects, as there are so many opportunities to say thank you or acknowledge special occasions. The sincerity of the message is also important. It should be personal and heartfelt, and not an occasion to send marketing literature. Take the time to write neatly by hand. Do all that you can to ensure your communications truly stand out from the crowd.

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