For You and Your Business

Every day in your business there are countless conversations happening that are impacting the success and outcomes for your business.

The worst time to think about the thing that you are about to say is in the very moment in which you are saying it. Yet in almost every scenario the conversation is over before you and your teams even considered the power of their words. The potential negative impact of failing to make these conversations count is astronomical, and this giant risk to your business is probably not receiving any attention.

Since launching the book “Exactly What to Say – The Magic Words for Impact and Influence”, Phil and the team have been inundated with requests to help tailor the messages to the specific challenges of companies around the globe and helping people to find more of the right words at the right time to deliver the right result.

Just imagine the difference in your business if more of your people could find confidence and competence in their conversations, learn how to utilize the magic words in their daily engagements and could influence their outcomes effortlessly with words?

The good news is that you now have the ability to access a premium tailored solution, direct from Phil in which, together with you, creates an intensive, compact and instantly applicable training program that delivers you and your team the ability to know Exactly What to Say in dozens of their regular scenarios.

Who's it for?

Whether you are leader of a small team, the CEO of a global brand or the owner of a independent business you are aware that the words that leave the mouths of your people are either adding or detracting to your commercial success. Personalized Programs have been created for industries as broad as Accountants to Zoo Keepers, for audiences as small as 6 people and as large as 60,000 and for businesses across the globe. The only criteria is that your people are human and are looking to communicate more effectively with other humans.

What's included?

Private telephone consultation with Phil to understand key commercial challenges with the business and gain insight into typical scenarios, recurring questions asked and objections faced.

100 signed copies of Exactly What to Say delivered to a single address.

Development and delivery of interactive video training delivered by Phil to any number of your team members.

Live Q&A follow-up webinar to provide accountability and review of changed language patterns.

Delivery of MP4 recordings of all video training sessions to be used for ongoing Learning and Development of your teams.

You and your team will know Exactly What to Say.

Optional extras

Additional copies of the book available at deep discounts.

Creation of customized and personalized versions of the book to support additional learning.

On location LIVE workshop or keynote with Phil.

Consultation, review and rewriting of existing scripts, framework and training materials to support your commercial success.

How does it work?

Without the need for a specific conference or live training session, you can take advantage of this powerful, tailor-made training and development solution at a time to suit you. You have conversations happening today that are being made more difficult than they need to be. Phil could be working with you and your people as early as next month and helping you to make more of your conversations count. Better still, having the books, the recordings and the later follow-up webinar means that the narrow and precise focus of this initiative really does result in more people in your organization knowing Exactly What to Say.

What is the investment?

The core package inclusive of consultation, delivery of content, books and recording is provided from $15,000 USD and is available subject to Phil’s personal availability.

How do you apply?

There is only capacity for up to 20 organizations per year to work directly with Phil in this way. To express your interest in taking advantage of this service then please complete the below form.


“If you’re frequently stuck for what to say to prospects or customers or team members or family, or if you feel that you’re rarely in control of conversations or outcomes, and you want to be better at making bank and making friends, then you should read this book once a day for a week, once a week for 2 months, then once a month until it all sticks.”
Matthew Kimberly
“There are two types of people, those who focus on themselves by getting stressed and talking too much when a conversation seems spiralling out of control. And those who can stay focused on the other person and helping them make a decision because they know exactly what to say.”
Marc Pitman
“As an attention expert, I am constantly looking for resources to recommend to our clients. Phil Jones brilliant book is jam-packed with actionable examples of words and phrases you can use personally and professionally to get the attention of your clients/members/customers/team/ buyers and those you love and deliver greater results at home, at work and in your community. If you are in sales or leadership this is a MUST read book. Buy a copy for yourself and your team. Share it generously because Phil has created an easy to read book that you will reference continually in your everyday conversations. Pay attention to your words because they have the ability to change the world of the people you serve and deliver greater results that you can possibly imagine. Well done Phil Jones.”
Neen James


The truth is that EVERYBODY is selling something. It could be a idea, an outcome or a behavior in place of  a product or service. The more that people understand that “selling” is not a dirty word the better. Through intelligent questioning they can control more conversations and assist the decision-making process creating improved outcomes for all involved.

Technology is awesome and means that all that people require to be present in the sessions is a stable internet connection and devices with speakers and microphones. This could be their desktop PC or even their smartphone. Interaction is encouraged during the training workshop and webinar so the ability for delegates to be fully focused and have read the book prior to the session significantly improves the outcomes for you.

If you require more then we will deliver as required and with bulk discounts as high as up to 50%. Some people have less than 100 too! If this is true for you, then most people in this scenario enjoy gifting the extras to their friends.

Phil is very used to working within the compliance of your organization and supporting internal protocol. Although he has zero intention of straying from his personal expertise, he will always look to collaborate with all relevant departments to ensure all created materials are approved by all relevant departments.

The goal for these programs is to deliver long-term value. Providing that the content created remains for internal use only then the content is yours to continue to use as you see fit with no further payments to be made and no restrictive licenses to adhere to.

Custom books are huge fun and provide fabulous gifts following the workshops that do a great job of anchoring the key lessons. The process requires collaboration with you as the client and can be as simple as the creation of a revised cover and foreword, through to a collaborative rewrite of the entire book. This can be discussed on your initial planning call.

The short answer here is “Yes”. Many coaches and trainers have already partnered with Phil to provide “Exactly what to Say” to their own clients. The process works in a very similar way, and is completely at Phil’s personal discretion. The result is that there are now partners sharing the principles of “Exactly What to Say” within the world of Real Estate, Non Profits, Financial Services and many more. If you would like to consider becoming a partner with this content and have the license to facilitate the content with your own clients, then please complete the application form above to schedule a call with Phil and discuss further.