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Phil M Jones is highly regarded as the world’s number one sales trainer, helping non-sales people to use the correct word choices to drive extraordinary results.

From personally training more than two million people in 56 countries across five continents, to helping thousands more through his online home learning programmes, courses and series of best selling books…

… Phil’s infectious yet thought-provoking style has seen him awarded with both the prestigious Sales Trainer of The Year award and fellowship of the Professional Speaking Association.

By focussing on specific word choices and overcoming difficult situations by knowing exactly what to say, Phil helps both companies and individuals to achieve more success by teaching key sales strategies through his unique and entertaining style of delivery.

Phil now speaks in all corners of the globe sharing his “Magic Words” to drive more action and inspire increased personal and vocational performance.

How Phil Can Help

Speaking For Your Organisation

Phil’s contagious personality and high-level practical strategies will both motivate and inspire your audience/staff to achieve better results and be the best version of themselves to increase sales and build a driven company culture.

Free Sales

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Home Learning Products

Phil has a number of products, courses and books that he has produced on the subject of sales, lead generation, success and network marketing – all available to instantly download and consume from the online shop.

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