“Phil has a very special gift in capturing the attention of the audience, then helping them to overcome personal fears to ensure each attendee can progress to the next level in their sales career.”

The impact of your sales force missing out on just a few opportunities each week can quickly accumulate to many thousands, if not millions, of lost revenue.

Companies often understand the importance of investing in their people, yet statistics show that most sales training events fail to show any positive ROI for their clients.

By understanding your challenges/problems, Phil’s able to hone his focus on helping your team make the exact changes that they need to take advantage of more opportunities, increase their influence and grow your bottom line.

This is not about delivering a pre-planned, death by PowerPoint or breaking into groups for the much loved role play sessions; instead, expect a session that is thought provoking, disruptive and is created in collaboration with the audience.

Whether the group is just 5 or 1500 people, Phil has proven on countless occasions the ability to add incredible value to companies from getting to the real heart of gaps in their processes and empowering the attendees to think and act differently to create more opportunities and make more of those conversations really count.

Exactly What They Say About Phil

"I would recommend Phil Jones to any client. The reason is Phil did his homework on us. You can tell that everything that he did, he did his homework and he personalized it. And I never had any other person do it the way that he did. When Phil was where I felt like he could go in and sell a job to one of our clients and not even know the technical aspects of our product. I recommended him any client that could use his service. It would definitely be worth their while."
Mark Massey, President at Retrofoam
“If you, your company or sales team is looking for a cutting edge approach to sales, look no further than Phil M. Jones. I have personally been through multiple sales training seminars (Spin Selling, US Surgical, etc.) and none compare to what Phil brings to the table.

“In his sales training seminars, he has a very special gift in capturing the attention of the audience, then helping them overcome personal fears to ensure each attendee can progress to the next level in their sales career. Highly recommended for any corporate office trying to get the most out of their sales team and apply day-to-day applications that work.”

Michael Shear, Regional Sales Manager & Field Sales Trainer at ReSound

A workshop with Phil is certainly not a “day off” for your team, but more of an engaging challenge that will see them work on their craft to understand how they can realise much of the hidden success in their existing relationships.

Training is in Phil’s blood, it’s how he started his business in 2008, and he’s delivered hundreds of small hands-on workshops to companies of all sizes. In every event, it is not about Phil delivering HIS presentation, the goal is always to achieve YOUR objectives.

A challenge can often be that you know that your team have more potential yet you are not sure how to unlock it, but by engaging with Phil and sharing the challenge, you can be sure that he’ll deliver you a powerful ally that will help you and your team achieve heightened success in all areas of the sales process.

Whether you have a team of non-sales people that you want to be sharper when opportunities arise, or a strong team of experienced sales people, Phil is able to quickly identify the leverage points (where they can get the biggest of results from making the smallest of changes).

Fees & Availability

When you hire Phil, you’re not just paying for his training.

You’re investing in the years of dedication and his wealth of experience that will result in your audience learning Phil’s life’s work and being able to practically implement these new actions into their day-to-day roles.

Your audience will learn how to protect margin, command a premium for their product or service and also how to effectively negotiate to create a win/win/win scenario for all stakeholders. This makes for interesting discussion if you are looking for a low price trainer or have plans to ask for discounts. 🙂

You are getting Phil’s full attention away from his loved ones and personal business interests, to solely focus on you and your audience’s needs.

With a busy travel schedule and a regular commute between his London and New York offices – Phil’s availability is highly limited and is managed by his brilliant assistant, Bonnie (who often bends physics to keep up with Phil’s crazy schedule).

If you’d like to learn more about hiring Phil, get details of his fees and discuss availability, then simply drop your information into the form below.

You’ll instantly be emailed our ‘Hiring Phil’ guide and we’ll be in touch to discuss potential availability.

However, if you have any specific questions or would prefer to speak to us directly, please contact Karen Harris at

“I recently received a calendar invite through my company regarding this mandatory training with Phil Jones. Of course I was going, mandatory, right?! This was about 4 weeks ago and I have to say, I still remember this day spent with Phil Jones; and whenever I have to handle something in my day-to-day management of channel partners or life itself that seems a bit challenging, I can always remember back and find something Phil talked about that is applicable. “I would highly recommend Phil Jones for any organization that not only wants to exceed their sales performance numbers; but motivate their team professionally and personally. Thanks for your energy and wisdom you shared with our group.”
Cheryl Youngblood, Zebra Technologies
“After a few different sales seminars in our company, I was delighted to have attended the two-day course by Phil Jones. He is knowledgeable and applies the training to the specific target audience. His energetic style kept the attendees motivated and was in great balance with sincerity. He was quick on his feet to provide insight for techniques that apply directly to our industry. It was a pleasure to attend and work with him on presentations during the workshop.”
John Nelson, Vice President of Training and Eduction at GN Hearing

EXACTLY what to read.

“Read this book once a day for a week, once a week for 2 months, then once a month until it all sticks”

– Matthew Kimberley