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A Personal Message From Phil M Jones

I started this business with the desire to teach integrity-based selling skills to the masses and change the way that people think about sales, influence and persuasion. Training others and obtaining improved results through the development of others delivers huge personal satisfaction to me and massive commercial returns for those that I choose to work with. We don’t have training courses for you to buy, instead I look to create custom learning experiences based on your unique circumstances.

Interested in having my input for your team? Then this page should help you with some of the ways we could work together.

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ESSENTIAL ingredients


Results Focused

This is not about the delivery of content, it’s about creating a lasting change towards the predetermined desired results. You probably have inefficiencies in your world that can be significantly improved, and every workshop is laser focused on making an immediate positive impact.



No cookie-cutter presentations here. This is for your group, in your industry, designed for your needs at that precise time.



Whether delivered virtually or in person, expect every attendee to feel engaged and involved throughout the sessions.



Practical next steps and immediately applicable new skills is the goal. Not just theory and fluff, these are trainings that have people ready to take action instantly.

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What to expect

Examples of Previous Programs

Although every opportunity is different, requests for Phil’s training services typically fall into one of three levels.

Level 1 – Exactly What To Say® Workshop

This workshop is often added as an additional session following a keynote or as a tactical skills refining session for people familiar with Phil’s work.

Delivered via a virtual training room or onsite, let Phil facilitate an interactive discussion around the critical conversations you are tackling today and find practical ways of overcoming common conversational obstacles.

A more structured and extended program that is designed to teach sales and sales process to attendees. It can be delivered in anything from an immersive full day programme, through to an extended multi-week series, complete with homework assignments, role play and results sharing.

Again this can be delivered remotely or in person and is the kind of experience that is perfect for helping individuals who do not see themselves as sales people to achieve improved sales results. To date, programs of this nature have been created for healthcare professionals, financial service advisors, experts and consultants, entrepreneurs, real estate agents and many more.

“I would recommend Phil Jones to any client. The reason is Phil did his homework on us. You can tell that everything that he did, he did his homework and he personalized it. And I never had any other person do it the way that he did. When Phil was where I felt like he could go in and sell a job to one of our clients and not even know the technical aspects of our product. I recommended him any client that could use his service. It would definitely be worth their while.”

Mark Massey, President at Retrofoam

Level 2 – Exactly How To Sell Workshop

custom program

Level 3 – Full Curriculum Experience

Imagine having Phil becoming a part of your team and working directly with you to create a curriculum and learning tools that deliver mind blowing results. From creating a fully joined up multi-week series with cohort based learning, to redesigning your long term sales process and training your trainers, Phil loves helping to lead a change in organizations he aligns to.

In 2020 he helped one of the US’s most dynamic business banks to prepare the teams to best support their customers through the changing landscape, crafted a 12 month action focused learning experience for a group of healthcare professionals to take business growth into their own hands, helped one of the world’s largest technical communications companies learn to maintain and win new business from a distance and much more.

In 2021 he is scheduled to help dozens of aspiring brands create their improved sales process to accommodate the changing landscape and then roll out a series of trainings to install this process in their people.

Think of engaging Phil in this way as adding a partner to your organization that has the ability to consult to identify opportunities, design a blueprint for change, craft the required curriculum and then produce and deliver all associated assets in collaboration with you. It may sound pretty unique – that’s because this really is a one of a kind solution and only a fit for forward-thinking, dynamic and game changing leadership teams.

“You have always cared; not just for us, but for our customers. I have the best team I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I consider you a key part of my leadership team. One of the things I love about my leadership team is that they find a way to deliver results regardless of the challenges and adversity.  The same is obviously true for you. From the early days of coaching up our sales leaders for better performance, to training unskilled customers on how to sell more of our products, to helping us hold and grow our position in some of our biggest accounts, and now as a trusted business advisor working on marketing and positioning in the market; you have delivered results.”

Tom Woods, President at GN ReSound

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Phil's Training Fees

With every event having very different constraints, it’s hard to standardize pricing given the vast number of variables involved.

In addition to the presentation itself, you are investing in his years of dedication, a wealth of experience, plus the time and effort employed to prepare and consult for the presentation required.

When you hire Phil, you are working with someone who will help your teams increase profit, stand out from competition and increase their value in the marketplace. With that in mind, understand that booking Phil is a premium offering.

You are getting Phil’s full attention (away from his loved ones and personal business interests) directed solely to you and your audience needs.

If you would like to learn more about hiring Phil, get details on his fees and discuss availability, then simply complete your information into the form at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively you can connect with his Booking Manager, Karen Harris at philbookings@cmispeakers.com.

“After a few different sales seminars in our company, I was delighted to have attended the two-day course by Phil Jones. He is knowledgeable and applies the training to the specific target audience. His energetic style kept the attendees motivated and was in great balance with sincerity. He was quick on his feet to provide insight for techniques that apply directly to our industry. It was a pleasure to attend and work with him on presentations during the workshop.”
John Nelson, Vice President of Training and Eduction at GN Hearing

Frequently Asked Questions

We often find that the same questions often pop up before hiring Phil, so we’ve put together a few of our most commonly asked questions and had Phil answer them personally.

We have delivered solutions for audiences as small as a team of three and as large as 3000. One time virtual sessions are available from only $7500, subject to availability and on occasion Phil will work to be even more creative if the fit feels right.

Yes, in every workshop agreement is the option to capture the recording and purchase licence to reuse the trainings as required.

Most training materials we create are archived into the client’s learning management software and we are experienced at creating content to exist within multiple different platforms as well as hosting on our own platforms too.
Although Phil applies himself fully to the design and delivery of the materials created, behind the scenes is an experienced and professional team that support the fulfilment including logistical and admin support, graphic design and editing, copywriters and proof readers. This means you are hiring an expert trainer with the back-up of a full media support team to create world class learning assets promptly.

“If you, your company or sales team is looking for a cutting edge approach to sales, look no further than Phil M. Jones. I have personally been through multiple sales training seminars (Spin Selling, US Surgical, etc.) and none compare to what Phil brings to the table. In his sales training seminars, he has a very special gift in capturing the attention of the audience, then helping them overcome personal fears to ensure each attendee can progress to the next level in their sales career. Highly recommended for any corporate office trying to get the most out of their sales team and apply day-to-day applications that work.”

Michael Shear, Regional Sales Manager & Field Sales Trainer at ReSound

“I recently received a calendar invite through my company regarding this mandatory training with Phil Jones. Of course I was going, mandatory, right?! This was about 4 weeks ago and I have to say, I still remember this day spent with Phil Jones; and whenever I have to handle something in my day-to-day management of channel partners or life itself that seems a bit challenging, I can always remember back and find something Phil talked about that is applicable. I would highly recommend Phil Jones for any organization that not only wants to exceed their sales performance numbers; but motivate their team professionally and personally. Thanks for your energy and wisdom you shared with our group.”

Cheryl Youngblood, Zebra Technologies

Personal Certification Mastermind

Team Certification Mastermind

How to Book Phil - The Next Steps

You should now hopefully be in the position to have enough information to decide if Phil is the kind of professional you would like to engage with for your needs – if so, then here’s how the booking process works:

However, if you have any specific questions or would prefer to speak to us directly, please contact Karen Harris at philbookings@cmispeakers.com.

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