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I did a follow up call with each and every one of my staff, the 20 employees that were engaged in it. And they were all floored. They were ecstatic with the things that they had learned that they didn't learn from the book.

Background & Brief

Phil received a direct outreach from the Founder and CEO after he had read the book, Exactly What to Say and wanted to learn more about how Phil could help his company. It was discussed that a in person workshop for his entire staff of just 18 people would be the best place to start. The team included engineers, estimators, admin and marketing staff.

Plan for the Event

Phil designed a custom and interactive workshop that followed the customer journey as a whole and looked at all the key points of friction that appeared throughout the sales process. The attendees would share their objectives, challenges and obstacles and one by one, Phil crafted lesson after lesson to upskill all attendees. The event also included live roleplays and debriefs of many of the team sharing EXACTLY what they currently say to their clients for Phil to deconstruct and rebuild on the spot.

A Word from Phil

I loved the chance to get hands on with a brand new industry and learn the difficulties faced in this unique role. It was also a rare experience to work with the whole of the company to craft their messaging and help them to discover how the right words can really make a huge difference to both confidence and conversion. I especially enjoyed the chance to explore a part of Michigan that was completely new to me.

Exactly What They Say

Mark Massey from Retrofoam shares…

  • Through the book “Exactly What To Say”, Retrofoam became familiar with Phil M. Jones
  • The prep ahead of the workshop Phil had Mark’s team do
  • The “WOW” reaction of the workshop
  • How Mark wants to have Phil come back again

Full Transcript

Lou Diamond: [00:00:00] Welcome to Exactly What They Say About Phil M Jones. We are here with Mark Massy, President of RetroFoam of the Michigan Group. Mark, how are you today?

Mark Massey: [00:00:10] I’m doing great. Thanks for asking.

Lou Diamond: [00:00:12] Mark, tell us a little bit about your organization and what you do.

Mark Massey: [00:00:16] We help homeowners achieve energy efficiency and comfort in their homes through environmentally friendly foam insulation.  In short, we’re a foam insulation contractor.

Lou Diamond: [00:00:26] And how large is your organization?

Mark Massey: [00:00:29] We have approximately 50 employees.

Lou Diamond: [00:00:31] What was the event that you had connected with Phil Jones?

Mark Massey: [00:00:35] We had Phil M Jones come in and do a workshop for us for about 20 of our employees, which consisted of our sales, marketing and concierge team.

Lou Diamond: [00:00:47] How did you decide to choose Phil to come to your event? How did you hear about him?

Mark Massey: [00:00:51] A few years ago, we set out on a track to rewrite our marketing strategy using content as the driver for lead generation. What happened is when when we started doing this the leads and the type of people that we were visiting changed. But the way that we approached the sales process was the same. And these people weren’t receiving our message.  We were boring a lot of people. So we set out to seek alternate methods of training and there wasn’t much of the way of training how to deal with content marketing leads. But we ran across Phil Jones’s book Exactly What To Say and we read it. And it was like man..this is what we need. This is this is exactly what we need. So we bought 20 of those books and we shared them throughout their organization, asked everybody to read them. We played them back and forth. But we still were getting it. It was getting us to a certain point, but we felt we had a lot more room for improvement. So I contacted Phil one day and I said “what would it take to do a workshop?” A few weeks leading up to it, we sent Phil some information and I scheduled to come out and do a workshop with us.

Lou Diamond: [00:02:00] So talk about the experience of having Phil lead this workshop. What were the expectations he set for you going in?

Mark Massey: [00:02:08] So he gave us some homework to put together an agenda of what we would like to get out of the workshop.  Which we did. We sent him over probably more information than what he needed. For us to spend that kind of money we wanted to make sure we were getting a return on our investment. So we really put in some work on that. And it definitely paid off for us.

Lou Diamond: [00:02:28] So talk about the actual experience. What was it like doing a workshop with him?

[00:02:33] It was Wowing to be honest with you. I’ve been to different organizations and I’ve been to a lot of seminars over the years.  I’ve been to a lot of two hour talks. I’ve been to full day talks. I was literally floored with this presentation.  Because being in an eight hour workshop I was thinking to myself, man, this is gonna be a long day? And usually in those cases, after about four hours in I’ve got the gist of what they’re talking about and I understand and my mind is elsewhere. But Phil kept everybody on the seat of their pants the whole time, all the way through to the end. We had everybody in our organization listen to one of his audible books and read the Exactly What To Say book. And we knew those books inside and out. We kind of had an expectancy level that Phil was going to come and do his standard speech that we’ve already listened to the book, but we would have to personalize and be able to ask questions. But it was so much more than that. He had a script. He had a skeleton of a script that you can tell he was following but he plugged and played our data into it and it was nothing short of amazing. I did a follow up call with each and every one of my staff, the 20 employees that were engaged in it. And they were all floored. They were ecstatic with the things that they had learned that they didn’t learn from the book. And we videoed the process and people were asking for tapes of this and that and the other. I had already seen a measurable move on the return on investment that I have no doubt we’ve gained a significant amount from it.

Lou Diamond: [00:04:15] Mark share why other organizations should bring Phil Jones in as the speaker for their next event or for a workshop that they might need for their organization.

Mark Massey: [00:04:24] I would recommend Phil Jones to any client. The reason is Phil did his homework on us. You can tell that everything that he did, he did his homework and he personalized it. And I never had any other person do it the way that he did. When Phil was where I felt like he could go in and sell a job to one of our clients and not even know the technical aspects of our product. I recommended him any client that could use his service. It would definitely be worth their while.

Lou Diamond: [00:04:54] Would you consider bringing Phil Jones back?

[00:04:57] Well, interestingly enough, even know that I originally hesitated at the first cost of the day. I’m so convinced with what we got out of it that I’m already considering having Phil back next year for a second year. I feel that we need a year to plug in everything that we learned and rehearse it and get it fixed. But I’d love to have Phil come back next year and help us refine and pick up where we left off. When I left there, I had already started thinking about that and the cost didn’t even enter into my mind at this point. That’s how convinced I am that we got our money’s worth out of it. I can’t say enough how ecstatic we are with what Phil’s done for us.

[00:05:42] Mark Massey, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts today about Phil M Jones.

[00:05:46] Hey, I appreciate you Lou. Have a great day.

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