Exactly What To Say… in almost every language!

Since its release in the Spring of 2017, Phil’s most well-known book has sold more thn  1 million copies around the world. But not every copy is the same.

Exactly What To Say has now been translated into a current total of 14 other languages, proving that his “Magic Words” are universal across languages and cultures.

The Background

In the fall of 2017, Phil partnered with his publisher PageTwo Books with the management of all international enquiries of Exactly What To Say, which was first published in the spring of the same year.

The very first offer to translate it was received on October 2, 2017 to translate it into Vietnamese through Maxima Creative Agency.

The International Connection

As translation enquiries increased, in April of 2018, Phil and PageTwo began working with Transatlantic Agency to provide the connection between them and the international publishers.

Transatlantic continues to play an instrumental part in securing successful international translations from the contract process through to publishing.

Exactly What Phil Had to Say…

How does it feel to have your words used across different cultures?

“It’s kinda crazy really. I am always nervous when each variation launches as it is unknown to me whether the nuance of both the lesson and my style of writing was accurately translated.”

Did you have to make changes to the transcripts before they were published?

“The whole thing happens without sign off from me. We grant the foreign publisher the license and the contract protects that it is a true representation. Occasionally we have sign off on cover designs but mostly we find out about the book at the same time as the buying public. What’s interesting is also the number of “unofficial” translations that have been produced too. So far in Iran alone, we have found evidence of 9 separate unofficial translations!”

Which is your favourite book cover?

“I couldn’t possibly pick as they are all so amazingly creative. It’s fun to see the direct replicas on the main cover with foreign languages depicting the title. I am also mesmerized by some of the brilliantly colorful interpretations like the Greek and Korean Covers.”

Current Translations

There have been a total of 14 translations to date in the following languages:

As well as…

Upcoming Translations

Translations to be published in the coming months include:

(Updates will be made to this article as new translations become available)

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