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The best-selling book by Phil M Jones is now available in video format from LIT Videobooks. This 48 minute video featuring exclusive interviews and engaging animation was produced by Emmy-award winning filmmakers, bringing the book to life. Make it easy for everyone in our organization to embrace the magic words for influence and impact that has made millions of business people more effective and successful at their jobs.

What are LIT Videobooks?

A cutting edge and immersive way to consume bestselling non-fiction books, allowing the 67% of the population who identify as visual learners to engage with books

A videobook is about one hour long making it more efficient to consume than reading. Studies have shown watching a video generates better information than reading or listening

Industry leading user engagement, boasting a 70%+ finish rate – more than 2X other book formats

Content is beloved by customers – 4.98/5.00 customer rating

Effortless bulk distribution options

Growing catalog of bestselling
business, leadership, self help and
other nonfiction titles

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