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Choosing someone external to deliver at your event is a challenging and important role. Being able to see examples of their previous work and understand their content is part of the decision-making process, another part is understanding EXACTLY what they are like to work with as people and how they perform both on and off the stage.

To help you understand what you are really getting when you hire Phil, it may help to hear from others like you and discover EXACTLY what they experienced before, during and after engaging with Phil for their event.

Thomas Earley from Citizens Bank shares…

  • The specific event that Phil was engaged by Citizens Bank
  • Why Citizens Bank chose Phil to speak at their event
  • The feedback, key take-aways and most memorable moments of Phil’s presentation
  • How Phil’s message resonates “EVERYDAY” across the Citizens Bank’s organization

Mason Walker from Audigy Group shares…

  • How Audigy came to hire Phil
  • Why they chose Phil to speak at their event
  • The feedback from the attendees
  • The key takeaways they learned from Phil
  • The three (3) reasons why they’d hire Phil for a future event

Mark Massey from Retrofoam shares…

  • Through the book “Exactly What To Say”, Retrofoam became familiar with Phil M. Jones
  • The prep ahead of the workshop Phil had Mark’s team do
  • The “WOW” reaction of the workshop
  • How Mark wants to have Phil come back again

Jim Schleckser from INC CEO Project shares…

  • The bi-annual event he hosts and how he found Phil
  • The in depth prep before the event Phil did on a call with Jim
  • Phil was the closer of an all-star event and was the exclamation point of the conference
  • How Phil’s message is perfect for CEOs and was very well received

Jillian Blumberg from Curaytor shares…

  • Her roles and responsibility as an events and community manager at Curaytor
  • How she came across Phil M Jones for their annual event
  • The experience of working with Phil and his team before the event
  • The most memorable lessons from Phil’s presentations
  • How Phil has been brought back two years in a row and how he’s the only standing ovation they’ve ever had at this event
  • How Phil coordinated with the founders of Curaytor to develop a specific Real Estate version of “Exactly What To Say”

Jason Bradshaw from Volkswagen Group Australia shares…

  • His role and responsibilities as Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at Volkswagen Group Australia
  • How he first came to learn about Phil M Jones
  • The specific keynotes and workshops Phil has delivered to Volkswagen Australia
  • How the organization is thrilled that Phil will be jointly working with Volkswagen Australia to bring two new cars to their market
  • “Phil knows Exactly How to Motivate”

Clint Salter from Dance Studio Owners Association shares…

  • His role and responsibility as the CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association
  • The specific event he engaged Phil M Jones for  
  • What attracted him to Phil M Jones to have him speak at his DSOA event
  • The feedback he received from the dance studio owners
  • The one key takeaway he took from Phil’s presentation
  • Why Phil is the speaker you want to hire for your next event

"Phil raised the bar at our recent Big Pharma meeting. Our client was so pleased with his performance that he has a continuing consultancy with their sales and training team. I have hired a huge number of speakers along the way. Phil stands in the top 1%."

Micky Faust, Chairman of The Jolt Agency

"Phil kept our entire audience on the edge of their seats for more than an hour.  He is not only a masterful storyteller and coach, but spent time with us to genuinely learn our business.  His presentation was tailored on the spot to our industry, the experiences that our sellers were facing, and our selling propositions.  It was exciting to work with someone who is dedicated to his craft to personalize his message so that every person in the audience walked away with pages of notes, and a feeling that Phil was speaking directly to them.  Weeks after our sales kickoff, we are still receiving notes from sellers thanking us for having Phil coach them and sharing with us the difference that he has already made in their sales career. For the sales kickoff planners out there, it is always a gamble when you select talent that they might deliver their strong presentation, but it lands flat with your audience because it is generic.  That the presenter will walk in, put on their microphone, and hit the stage immediately with no regard for whether their standard talk track will work for your audience.  There is no fear of that with Phil Jones.  He spends the time to understand your business and tailors his coaching to match the needs of your team.  That professionalism is a rare and delightful gift, which happens behind the scenes.  The audience never sees the prep time that Phil has put in to ensure that they will walk away with lifelong coaching, but they absolutely feel the impact."
Meg Swanson, Chief Marketing Officer, Accruent
“It’s tough to adequately describe Phil Jones. He is a true expert in the field of sales, sales management and motivation. Phil can demonstrate what he teaches so effectively that people actually get it. There are many that are very good in training on sales, sales management, and success principles; but few can do it in a way that the learner can easily apply what they have learned. Its hard to describe, but Phil is able to teach and demonstrate in a way where it just clicks. Simply put Phil Jones is very, very impressive.”
Dustin Hansen, CFE CEO InXpress Americas
“We got great feedback regarding the event, especially your part of speech. They found it very useful, motivating, and full of good ideas to use in their business.”
Daniela Gafencu, SC California Fitness Romania SRL
“We have organized two seminars for retail professionals with Phil Jones this year – one in Skopje, Macedonia and one in Belgrade, Serbia. He has never failed to impress the audience with his interesting presentation style, vivid examples and case studies and instant motivation to everybody in the room!”
Marija Solevska, Executive Director at Smart Events

Press & Event Organizers

When you hire Phil, you’re not just paying for his training.

You’re investing in the years of dedication and his wealth of experience that will result in your audience learning Phil’s life’s work and being able to practically implement these new actions into their day-to-day roles.

You are getting Phil’s full attention away from his loved ones and personal business interests, to solely focus on you and your audience’s needs.

With a busy travel schedule and a regular commute between his London and New York offices – Phil’s availability is highly limited and is managed by his brilliant assistant, Bonnie (who often bends physics to keep up with Phil’s crazy schedule).

If you’d like to learn more about hiring Phil, get details of his fees and discuss availability, then simply drop your information into the form below.

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