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The way he talks to every person, like they feel like they're the only person in the room. And that was feedback that came back time and time again. So I think if you're looking for a speaker that can truly connect and create transformation, because that's what I've seen with our members, I've seen a transformation in the way that they approach sales. Phil is definitely the guy that you've got to get in.

Background & Brief

Following the founder of DSOA attending am entrepreneurs’ leadership event in which Phil was a specialist on a panel, Clint decided that he had to have Phil’s thought leadership shared with the members of his association. It was an uncommon but somewhat familiar ask that the members do not see themselves as salespeople, BUT need to do a better job at selling. 

Plan for the Event

Kicking off the second day of a 3-day event in Las Vegas, Phil was invited to deliver an interactive, engaging and inspiring workshop-style keynote that empowered the audience to think and act differently. 

A Word from Phil

I loved working with this group. Their energy was fantastic and seeing them change through the session from thinking that selling was uncomfortable to them to embracing the fact that they already had the skills was a lot of fun. It was a joy to hang around for the break and answer their questions, sign books and thank them for their efforts in running important local businesses that deliver so much to their communities.

Exactly What They Say

Clint Salter from Dance Studio Owners Association shares…

  • His role and responsibility as the CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association
  • The specific event he engaged Phil M Jones for  
  • What attracted him to Phil M Jones to have him speak at his DSOA event
  • The feedback he received from the dance studio owners
  • The one key takeaway he took from Phil’s presentation
  • Why Phil is the speaker you want to hire for your next event

Full Transcript

Lou Diamond: [00:00:08] Welcome to exactly what they say about Phil M Jones. We are here with Clint Salter, CEO and founder of the Dance Studio Owners Association. Clint, how are you today?

Clint Salter: [00:00:20] I’m really well. Thank you so much.

Lou Diamond: [00:00:22] Excited to chat with you. Can you share with our listeners a little bit about yourself and the Dance Studio Owners Association?

Clint Salter: [00:00:29] Sure. So as you said, my name is Clint Salter, founder and CEO of DSOA and our mission is to help dance studio owners all around the globe to be able to grow their business while reclaiming back their lives. And we do that through a range of programs that we offer, live events and online trainings.

Lou Diamond: [00:00:51] Excellent. So what was this specific event that you had engaged Phil M. Jones for?

Clint Salter: [00:00:58] Sure, so we have a program called “The Inner Circle” and we have two events, two live events every single year. They go for three days. And I’m always on the lookout for speakers to come and present and inspire our dance studio owners. They come from all over the globe. Into the West Coast or the East coast of the US. And I saw Phil speak at an event and I was like, this guy has to come and talk to our Studio Owners.

Lou Diamond: [00:01:31] So this particular event, because he’s so engaging, was this an in-person event?

Clint Salter: [00:01:35] It was.  Yes, it was definitely it was an in-person event. Three day event. This one was actually in Las Vegas where we had Phil.

Lou Diamond: [00:01:43] So when you looked at him, what was it that popped and when you saw him speak that said “…I gotta have this guy present at our conference..”?

Clint Salter: [00:01:52] I was at a friend’s event and Phil was this special guest. And he only spoke for 20 minutes. So it was really short. And after that whole 20 minutes, I was like, this guy is incredible around how to position value. And I think that that is that this special sauce that Phil has. He has this great ability to share with people how to sell without feeling like you’re selling.  You’re showcasing the value that you can provide to a customer or a client. And straight away, the way his methodology works and how he presents it, I knew it would fit in so nicely with our studio owners.  Because as soon as we mentioned sales, they’re like “ehh I don’t want to sell.” I know I need the message of sales is so important for them. And I just hadn’t been able to find someone over these last five years now that could deliver that message in a way that I knew would resonate with them. And also in a way that I knew that could go away and implement it with their teams.

Lou Diamond: [00:02:55] Clint, if you could, share some of the feedback you received and you heard from the other dance studio owners about Phil’s presentation at your event.

Clint Salter: [00:03:04] Sure. So Phil was actually our highest rated speaker at this specific event. He got a nine out of ten on average and that is HUGE for our owners because they are quite tough when they rate our speakers. So he was the highest rated speaker. And the feedback was really around what I just mentioned to you. His presentation not only was engaging,  I mean, he moves around the room; he really looks at people; he speaks to them; he just gets them really engaged in the message. And they were just so excited to go back home into their studio and start implementing the philosophies he taught with their team members. And even now, it’s so funny, actually, last week someone posts it about his presentation in the group, you know, and it’s been like three months and people are still talking about the impact that it’s having inside of their business and with their team members and also with their customers.

Lou Diamond: [00:04:05] If there’s one key takeaway that sticks out in your mind, Clint, from the message that Phil delivers. Can you share that with our listeners? The one thing that stuck with you the most?

Clint Salter: [00:04:13] The one thing that stuck with me and also our members the most was really around his idea of positioning value and the words that you use are so crucial. Our audience are selling dance classes; but the way in which they communicate that can be so very different. And I love how Phil highlighted the different ways in how they can talk about their services.

Lou Diamond: [00:04:41] Lastly, Clint if you could, share why Phil M. Jones is the speaker you want to hire for your next event.

Clint Salter: [00:04:48] I mean, we hire about 10 speakers every single year and we’ve done so for the last five years. And we also bring on a speaker every single month to talk to our members online. Phil was incredible to work with from the very beginning. Like working with his team – we’ve had some speakers who have been, you know, that they’ll get back to us…they’re tricky to pin down… they take a while to confirm…they don’t get back to emails– so from the moment we engage Phil and his team the responsiveness was so professional and and we love working with people like that. So the moment, you know, he texts me on the day he turned up and he just delivered a hundred and fifty percent to the members. And the way he talks to every person, like they feel like they’re the only person in the room. And that was feedback that came back time and time again. So I think if you’re looking for a speaker that can truly connect and create transformation, because that’s what I’ve seen with our members, I’ve seen a transformation in the way that they approach sales. Phil is definitely the guy that you’ve got to get in.

Lou Diamond: [00:06:00] Clint Salter, thanks for taking some time today to talk about Phil M Jones.

Clint Salter: [00:06:02] Such a pleasure!

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