Book Release: The Work Before The Work – The 6 Essential Habits For Professional Selling

Leading sales professional Paul M. Caffrey and best-selling author Phil M. Jones have joined forces to write a book sharing the secret to becoming a leading sales professional. 

Drawing on their many years of experience and shared knowledge, Paul & Phil reveal the 6 essential habits that set apart regular salespeople from sales superstars. Their book teaches you how to unlock these habits so you can ritualize your own sales preparation and become an elite sales professional.

So whether you’re prospecting, selling, or looking for your next promotion, you’ll achieve it all when you learn to do The Work Before The Work.

How Did This Book Happen?

It all started after Paul attended one of Phil’s legendary talks. They ended up chatting afterward and quickly realized that they had a shared ideology. It didn’t take long for them to start working together on various projects. 

Over time they discovered just how important their preparation was. Putting in the work before the actual work. And the more thoroughly they did this, the more successful their outcome was. 

They recognized this pre-work as a habitual technique of many elite sales pros, especially the ones that stood out from the rest and achieved consistent success. They knew that others would benefit from this knowledge and they were keen to articulate their message in a sharable format.

And so the book was born and they’ve subsequently created the holy grail to successful selling. 

It’s taken three years to finish as they wanted to make sure that absolutely everything was right before setting it free in the world. 

For very good reason too.

Why plan a book about meticulous planning and articulate presentation and then rush it? 

These Guys Know Their Stuff

Phil M. Jones comes from a steady background in helping salespeople. He has a successful speaking career and is a bestselling author of several books. A book of this kind feels very natural to him.

Paul also comes at this from a very successful career. He’s spent 14 years in the trenches working in technology sales.

After many years as an elite sales pro himself, he often worked with the very best too. He began to analyze just what it was that made the best of the best tick. What were they doing to reach the elite level?

It always came back to preparation.

Even top sales professionals have awkward moments of critical conversations, but the difference was that they were always prepared for them. 

Paul M. Caffrey

Phil M Jones

Why Is This Book So Important?

This book is so important because the sales industry is crying out for a guide of this caliber.

The marketplace has never been so competitive and sales pros need a win in that final mile. 

You can’t just show up and close, there are often many viable solutions to solve a problem. So it’s really important to do the work before the work. Doing this means you will fully understand what your client needs.

And when this happens you increase your likeability factor and set yourself up to win more trust.

The Work Before The Work shows you all the hidden habits that elite sales pros exude. The hidden habits that elite sales performers use to outperform their competition.

Hidden Habits

Whether it’s done consciously or subconsciously, top-performing sales professionals share the same habits.

They display these habits day to day whether they’re having a meeting with someone, or planning an important pitch. 

The funny thing is though, they probably wouldn’t be able to tell you what they’re doing.

If you ask a sales professional how they do it, they’ll probably look at you blankly and tell you that they sell. 

And for the most part, they’re doing just that. 

They’ve developed these special skills and habits organically. They don’t fully realize what they’re doing to beat the competition. It just naturally occurs when they are in sales mode.

They are essentially performing unconsciously and it’s these skills and habits that Phil and Paul have unpacked so insightfully in their book.

Selling Doesn’t Have To Be Sleazy

When you think of elite salespeople you might be flooded with images of the Wolf of Wall Street types. 

The gregarious sales monster that’s ruthless and unflinching. 

But this type doesn’t usually get results and they aren’t seen as successful sales professionals. This book is not about creating sales monsters. It’s about selling with integrity.

In Paul’s experience, the elite sales performers are the ones that put their customers first. 

They look to give the most value and help. They are often focused more on their customers and the long game. They are intent on building a genuine relationship based on integrity and trust.

They are not the ‘ring the bell’ types or the getting all the applause types – they don’t need or crave the recognition. 

They just want to solve their client’s problems with a solution that they know they can provide.

If you want to sell successfully with your integrity intact, then this is the book for you.

No One Wants What You’re Selling

Your product might very well be the best, but, sadly, everyone who’s got something to sell thinks their product is the best. 

The only way that you’ll stand out is by how you articulate the key points.

The more you show that you understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what,’ the more likely you’ll get them to come on board.

It doesn’t matter what sales process you or your business follows, The Work Before The Work will help you get better at it. 

Who Is The Book For?

There are 4 main groups of people that this book is for.

This is a book for people who see themselves as professionals in what they do and are prepared to be able to put the extra effort in to reach pro status.

Who Isn’t It For?

It’s not for someone who doesn’t care about their customers or building a relationship with them. Nor is it for those looking for a shortcut or a fast track to success.

It will give you success, but you’ve got to be prepared to put the work in. The clue is very much in the title.

The Work Before The Work is purposefully longer than some of Phil’s previous books. And that’s because the book deciphers thousands of micro steps. 

These are the steps that the pros take ahead of time way before other people have even got to the starting line. 

How Do You Use The Book?

It’s been crafted as a tool, a thinking framework to help you get the best out of your opportunities.

Opportunities might be unexpected, so learning how to prepare for any scenario will make you better equipt to deal with a situation when it arises.

You can use it for prospecting, or, trying to find new customers, or, running sales meetings, and planning your annual year. All the knowledge you gain prepares you to grab all potential opportunities that come your way.

It’s the thinking book for elite performers. It prompts all the right questions to allow you to get ready properly.

Following the guidance will make you better prepared for anything, It’s the kind of book that you’ll reach for on repeat anytime that you’re entering into a conversation that matters. 

What Will It Do?

By adopting better habits you will make sure that you’re always working towards the high level of performance needed to become an elite sales pro.

A solid foundation from which to work will make your whole sales career much easier, and more fruitful. 

Release Date

This book is going to elevate the professional sales industry immensely, and it’s all happening on September 6th, 2022. 

You can buy it on Amazon or anywhere you buy your books. The audio version is coming hot on its heels.

You can find the link over on Paul’s website where there are also loads of useful tools that live outside of the book.

Success in sales requires a level of professionalism and this book will teach you how to achieve it.

Sales done right make the world go round. We’re all selling something, sometimes it’s a product or service whilst other times it’s an idea or an outcome.

With this book, anyone can become elite at selling.

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