Podcast: “Shifting Your Words to Make a Bigger Impact” – The Humanly Possible Podcast with Bryan Kramer

“In any given argumentative scenario…If you enter into that conversation allowing the other person to save face, you’ve diffused the argument before it was even an argument.”

The “Humanly Possible” podcast with Bryan Kramer is all about achieving success imperfectly. 

We all makes mistakes, but there’s a difference between a mistake and a failure:

A failure is trying something you have never tried before and it working out differently than anticipated.

A mistake is doing something wrong.

In this episode we talk openly about failures and how learning to fail has helped me, plus some simple yet powerful lessons learned along the way that may help you to get to where you want to with fewer bumps in the road. Some other topics we cover are:

  • Minor reinventions opening international doors
  • What switch to make at the end of your speeches
  • Convincing by positioning through a 3rd party
  • Determining your worth

You can stream it below or listen to it on the Humanly Possible Podcast website.

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