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What is Exactly What to Drink?

Exactly What To Drink is the result of an idea between Phil and one of his closest friends to one day have their own Bourbon. Despite the challenge of discovering just what it would take to make this a reality, Phil made it happen and Exactly What To Drink was developed, distilled, bottled and labelled by a distillery in Brooklyn, NY.

Why Bourbon?

Phil hasn’t always loved the taste of Bourbon, but over the years it has become his drink of choice, at home, with friends and on his travels. Now you will find him over on Instagram sharing a new discovery, a new place he’s drinking it or just enjoying it with someone special.

How do I get a bottle?

The short and simple answer to this is that you can’t. Exactly What To Drink isn’t available to purchase anywhere as Phil never set out to retail it. He prefers to enjoy it with friends and gift it to clients and use it to commemorate the beginning of new business relationships.

So if you’d like to try it some time, who knows what the future could hold!

Want to know the full story?

Read a detailed interview with Phil on the story of Exactly What To Drink.

You can also follow Phil over on Instagram to see him share his favorite Bourbons, consumed with his favorite people in his favorite places. And feel free to tag @philmjonesuk and share your own favorites.

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