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“Phil raised the bar at our recent Big Pharma meeting. Our client was so pleased with his performance that he has a continuing consultancy with their sales and training team. I have hired a huge number of speakers along the way. Phil stands in the top 1%.”

Micky Faust, Chairman of The Jolt Agency

Exactly Why You Should Hire Phil

If you’re planning your next kick-off meeting, annual conference or association convention, then it is highly likely that you want your audience to leave inspired, motivated and primed to take action.

Equally as important, you want to ensure that EVERY stakeholder leaves with massive value from their experience. Whether an audience of experienced sales professionals, business leaders or even those that run from the idea of “selling” you can be confident in receiving a speech that exceeds your expectations.

Imagine creating an agenda item that delivers the authority of a high-profile influencer, the tools of an award-winning trainer and the performance of a rock-star – then you’re looking at Phil M Jones.

You are booking one of the world’s leading performance coaches with experience of working with more than two million people across five continents.

Yet still, who sees every event as a new opportunity that receives the same meticulous attention to detail as every event that has preceded it.

Typical outcomes include re-wiring your audience’s beliefs around influencing others by learning Phil’s proven philosophy of knowing exactly what to say and when to say it; as well as demystifying the decision making process by handing your audience simple changes that they can make to instantaneously increase results.

That’s because, when people know “Exactly What To Say” – they embody a new found confidence and gain an insatiable hunger to implement their learnings into their day-to-day conversations to operate with more influence and persuasion.

“You were an absolute JOY to work with and I can’t tell you how amazing the feedback has been. Truly incredible presentation. I should start sending you all the “implementation” I have received in emails from colleagues and other Buds. The material covered and takeaways were invaluable!!! Again, you were beyond fantastic and nothing but 100% feedback from our attendees and staff. I even may dare to say you are the first keynote standing ovation to happen at Excellence! 🙂 ”

Jillian Blumberg, Event Manager at Curaytor
"Phil Jones is a true professional. We work with countless speakers over the years, and I can guarantee you that Phil has scored the highest in preparation, delivery and follow-up. And one of the questions I asked Phil when we were preparing for our engagement was, “Phil, what will our team have to take back with them after the presentation?” And Phil was very candid he said “they will be able to execute, and have stronger interactions.” Phil delivered beyond our wildest dreams. It was absolutely an outstanding event and people talk about it to this day."
Thomas Earley, Senior Vice President - Head of Colleague Development at Citizens Bank

Exactly What You And Your Audience Need

The objective of every presentation is to deliver the perfect cocktail of content, inspiration, skills and belief.

It’s a simple combination and just like Phil’s favourite cocktail (an Old Fashioned in true Don Draper style) will never go out of style.

A speech from Phil is likely to become a timeless classic with your audience and be something that is talked about and acted upon for days, weeks, months and even years after your event.

Many previous clients have since instilled a culture of knowing “Exactly What To Say” and regularly share their “Philisms”.

One memorable client even uses “What would Phil do?” as a coaching question for their teams!

Weaved throughout his content, Phil’s key goal is to drive action and instantaneous changes – ensuring that your audience acts and gets real-world results.

“Phil has been a true partner with Beltone throughout the past 3 years providing tremendous value in numerous ways to our entire Beltone Network. When it comes to demonstrating value to customers, driving a better overall customer experience and creating more business opportunities, there is no one that delivers the message better. His trainings continue to help us create the best customer consultative experience. I am truly grateful for his partnership with Beltone and want to thank him for everything he has done for our organisation.”

Jason Rach, Sales Director at Beltone

One More Big Reason

You are booking a living example that proves the fact that nice guys can win ball games.

He’s not a diva that requests that you remove the blue M&M’s from his “Madrone Burl” wooden bowl of his giant dressing room, nor does he want an in-house masseuse to rub his shoulders prior to him walking on stage.

You are booking a professional who fully understands that he has a part to play in the overall event and the ultimate goal is to serve the entire production.

He’s all about making your stressful job as easy as possible, by being willing, helpful and often self-sufficient – you will learn from your first discussions with Phil that you are working with someone who wants to understand your objectives, add his experience to your challenges and above all else serve you and your audience.

“It’s tough to adequately describe Phil Jones. He is a true expert in the field of sales, sales management and motivation. Phil can demonstrate what he teaches so effectively that people actually get it. There are many that are very good in training on sales, sales management, and success principles; but few can do it in a way that the learner can easily apply what they have learned. Its hard to describe, but Phil is able to teach and demonstrate in a way where it just clicks. Simply put Phil Jones is very, very impressive.”
Dustin Hansen, CFE CEO InXpress Americas

Exactly What They Say About Phil

Designing Your Performance

When you book Phil to serve your event, you are also securing his expertise to personalize a presentation to your unique objectives and outcomes.

On your first planning call, Phil will ask specific questions to learn about your theme, the format, your audience and the goals you are looking to deliver. This insight allows you to receive a truly unique contribution for your specific requirements.

With over 2000 professional presentations in his experience you can draw from a wealth of valuable content, the missing ingredient is your specific context and the combination of great content and context allows for an experience that seriously over delivers.

To help you with some ideas ahead of your planning call, here are some examples of the popular speeches that audiences have previously enjoyed.

Exactly What to Say – The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

Quite often, the difference between success and failure in business can be pinpointed to the compounded impact of your conversations. Words matter and understanding how you can use language to control a conversation is certain to provide you a fair advantage in your challenging marketplace.

Whether you are looking to lead your team, are in a sales conversation with a client, or negotiating with a supplier – knowing the right things to say, in the right way and at the right time is certain to have instant positive outcome on your results.

This thought-provoking session has audiences enthralled from the very start as they discover the power that language has over the subconscious brain, gain practical examples that have instant application and receive tailored examples of how the “Magic Words” from Phil’s best-selling book are applied to your specific business critical situations.

This speech delivers immediate actionable outcomes to your audience, where you can expect them to be working their new word choices as early as the next break that follows!

Perfect for sales teams looking to improve their conversions, leaders looking to have more impact, and team members with goals of having more influence in their daily conversations.

In every presentation Phil tailors the examples to suit your specific business situations and event objective.

Key participant takeaways:

  • Increased confidence in challenging conversations.
  • Empowered belief to try new things.
  • Improved commercial outcomes from phone calls and meetings.
  • Ability to control conversations and turn more “Maybe’s” into “Yes’s”.
  • Personal responsibility towards their own outcomes from conversations.
  • Desire to further build on the Magic Words in the days that follow.
  • That EVERYBODY sells and selling can be an experience that everyone enjoys, especially the customer.


30 – 120 mins

Exactly How to Sell - Even If You Hate Selling

This content rich presentation draws from Phil’s personal experience and the experience of the thousands of people he has worked with. It delivers a comprehensive, yet entertaining training from the stage that empowers almost everybody to sell more effectively. Learn from the time-tested methods that are designed to attract and keep more customers. No matter what you are selling (yourself, your product, or your services) this performance is certain to provide you actionable strategies to deliver more of the sales results you are looking for.

Discover exactly what it takes to develop a community of customers who continue to spend with you, refer you to others, and build your reputation.

Explore the winning tools and techniques that you can use to increase your confidence ahead of your sales conversations and achieve more from every interaction you have. You learn how to define your target market, create more opportunity and skillfully lead your prospect from inquiry through to decision – all without falling into the stereotype of being “salesy”.

Phil works with you personally to understand the key barriers that are standing in the way of your sales success and then delivers you a tailored presentation, crafted from his core methodology illustrated in his book Exactly How to Sell, that talks in your language, to your people, and delivers to your objectives.

This speech is often repackaged and retitled to your bespoke needs and has been hugely successful within Professional Services, Medical and Health Care, MLM and many other industries.

Consider this a keynote worthy presentation that delivers essential sales skills from the stage and all in a way that has audience members feeling confident, capable and ready to take immediate action.

Key participant takeaways:

  • Belief that “Selling” is a skill to be proud of and is essential to success.
  • Increased confidence to ask for what you want.
  • Uplifted skills to create and convert more opportunities.
  • Ability to successfully navigate customer indecision.
  • Ability to control conversations and turn more “Maybe’s” into “Yes’s”.
  • Knowledge and understanding that sales is a process and anyone can succeed.

30 mins – Full day program

Forward to Basics

Teams around the world can often get bogged down in the bureaucracy, distracted by the details or just fail to gain the success they are capable of because their talent or experience is preventing them from seeing the obvious that is right in front of them.

True genius can appear as complete common sense and you can often wonder why you failed to think of it before.

This action-packed session challenges the audience throughout and has them constantly questioning their own methods as Phil helps them realise just how much success they are leaving behind.

Whether a seasoned sales professional or someone brand new to business – every participant is guaranteed to leave feeling inspired, motivated and with a list of precise actions ready to start work on.

This is not just about what to do, but it is also about how to do it.

Expect Phil’s experience to shine through as he eloquently and effortlessly demystifies some of the most challenging scenarios and has even the most experienced team member reassuringly nodding along and scribbling notes to put into practice.

Phil puts his success down to one main philosophy – to do the basics to a high standard, consistently. Sharing in the presentation guarantees your audience the skills they require, the confidence to implement and the motivation to take massive action as they step towards their heightened success.

Key participant takeaways:

  • Uncover the 5 big mistakes nearly every sales professional is consistently making.
  • Perfect the one skill that businesses are forgetting to focus on, yet consumers are valuing more than ever.
  • Discover a simple 3-stage questioning technique that guarantees you success almost every time.
  • Realise the masses of hidden opportunity left within every customer relationship.
  • Learn how to create an endless stream of referrals.
  • Find out a revolutionary closing technique that is a joy for your customers, is completely rejection free and maximises the conversion rate.
  • Realise the one killer question that makes objections a complete rarity.

30 – 120 mins

Making Your Own Luck

Standing in the way of success for most people are the self-sabotaging conversations they are having with themselves that create their limiting beliefs and result in success being something that only “other people” experience.

The great Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right” and it is this quote that has provided a mantra to Phil’s life to date and resulted in him personally and supporting thousands of others to grow their own successes.

Attendees of this powerful presentation benefit from witnessing Phil deliver live coaching to the entire audience that reframes their thoughts, destroys their limiting beliefs and helps them realize a new reality in which possible becomes true to them and they are inspired to reach a new height for themselves and their business.

Expect your presentation to be tailored with precise examples shows every audience member that more is possible, from every meeting, event, phone call and conversation and watch the long-term results of an empowered, inspired and enabled workforce have more of the tools they need to achieve more of what is possible.

Key participant takeaways:

  • Realize what can be achieved if you apply yourself.
  • Uncover the #1 reason why most people fail to succeed.
  • Guaranteed belief that they can achieve more.
  • Realization to how much they have left behind.
  • Skills to challenge themselves to get more from every interaction.
  • Ability to always look for better.
  • Desire to want to reach a little higher than before.
  • Understand how to overcome adversity and change.

30 – 120 mins

Fees & Availability

When you hire Phil, you’re not just paying for his training.

You’re investing in the years of dedication and his wealth of experience that will result in your audience learning Phil’s life’s work and being able to practically implement these new actions into their day-to-day roles.

You are getting Phil’s full attention away from his loved ones and personal business interests, to solely focus on you and your audience’s needs.

With a busy travel schedule and a regular commute between his London and New York offices – Phil’s availability is highly limited and is managed by his brilliant assistant, Bonnie (who often bends physics to keep up with Phil’s crazy schedule).

If you’d like to learn more about hiring Phil, get details of his fees and discuss availability, then simply drop your information into the form below.

You’ll instantly be emailed our ‘Hiring Phil’ guide and we’ll be in touch to discuss potential availability.

However, if you have any specific questions or would prefer to speak to us directly, please contact Karen Harris at

“We have organized two seminars for retail professionals with Phil Jones this year – one in Skopje, Macedonia and one in Belgrade, Serbia. He has never failed to impress the audience with his interesting presentation style, vivid examples and case studies and instant motivation to everybody in the room!”
Marija Solevska, Executive Director at Smart Events
“We got great feedback regarding the event, especially your part of speech. They found it very useful, motivating, and full of good ideas to use in their business.”
Daniela Gafencu, SC California Fitness Romania SRL
“A big thank you for your participation in our LDP workshop last week. Your session was full of energy, and really captured our participants attention…it was a big hit! I appreciated the fact that you joined us earlier in the day, and incorporated some of those messages in your presentation, this alignment did not go unnoticed.”
Zahra Bahrololoumi, Accenture Technology

EXACTLY what to read.

“Read this book once a day for a week, once a week for 2 months, then once a month until it all sticks”

– Matthew Kimberley