Exactly What to Say for Automotive

Phil knows exactly how to motivate your audience from exactly what to say to exactly how to motivate.

Background & Brief

Phil was first introduced to the VW brand via another speaker who had worked with them for some time and had recommended him as a good fit for their upcoming experience summit to help inspire and educate their Dealer Principles and corporate leadership. The goal was to shift their thinking about the sales process and have them understanding how closely linked a fabulous customer experience is to achieving sales success.

Plan for the Event

For the first event the engagements where multi facetted with two 60 minute keynotes to two separate audiences as well as a deep-dive workshop with a group of front line workers to help them all learn Exactly What to Say for their critical conversation points in their customer experience.

Focus was to create actionable outcomes that change the culture of the company.

A Word from Phil

Working with Jason and his team is a huge joy. The quality of production of the event, the lineup of programming and support through the organization has always been a privelege to work alongside. The greatest compliment following this first engagement was the ongoing partnership that resulted in a custom programme for their leadership retreat as well as being invited back for their experience summit for a second year AND helping them craft their “Train the Trainer” messaging for the launch of two new cars.

Exactly What They Say

Jason Bradshaw from Volkswagen Group Australia shares…

  • His role and responsibilities as Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at Volkswagen Group Australia
  • How he first came to learn about Phil M Jones
  • The specific keynotes and workshops Phil has delivered to Volkswagen Australia
  • How the organization is thrilled that Phil will be jointly working with Volkswagen Australia to bring two new cars to their market
  • “Phil knows Exactly How to Motivate”

Full Transcript

Lou Diamond: [00:00:07] Welcome to exactly what they say about Phil M Jones. We are here with Jason Bradshaw, chief customer and marketing officer at Volkswagen Group Australia. Jason, how you doin today? I’m doing well. Thanks, Jason. Share a little bit about yourself and the organization that you represent.

Jason Bradshaw: [00:00:26] So I’m the chief customer and marketing officer at Volkswagen Group Australia. I’m responsible for a whole range of activities, both at a group and at a brand level. Across some really key functional areas such as contact center and emergency assistance, customer I.T. systems through to network training and, of course, marketing and events.

Lou Diamond: [00:00:52] Jason, how did you first come to learn about Phil M Jones?

Jason Bradshaw: [00:00:56] Well, I can’t remember who it was now, but colleague, in fact, a speaker that we’ve had worked with us before had recommended Phil’s book to me. And so I read his and read one of Phil’s books, which then turned into me reading all of Phil’s books, which led me to saying, Phil, we need to do some work together.

Lou Diamond: [00:01:13] So what was the first bit of work that you did do with Phil?

Jason Bradshaw: [00:01:17] So we hold here in Australia an annual event. We call it our experience summit, and that’s where we bring over 800 leaders from across our business, both our head office here in Australia, as well as our business partners, our franchise dealers, to do an annual event called Our Experience Summits. And Phil was one of the keynote speakers at that event. It happens over four days. He delivered two keynotes and conducted a workshop for us as well. And the response to Phil was just phenomenal. Absolutely. Nailed it. And importantly for me, the audience had actionable insights that they’ve gone back to that day to day lives and started to work it.

Lou Diamond: [00:02:04] Can you share some of those key takeaways that you learned from that first event you worked with Phil?

Jason Bradshaw: [00:02:10] So I think Phil would would necessarily use these words. But how I would phrase it is that our audience have become intentional about what and how they say. So making sure that they communicate in a way that connects with our customers to build relationships and to build value or deliver value to them so that when they’re ready – the only choice that they want to make is is Volkswagen.

Lou Diamond: [00:02:38] But now I’ll ask the question you used Phil for that first event. Did you use him again?

Jason Bradshaw: [00:02:43] Yes. So we hold a study tour each year to California. It’s called our experience immersion trip. And it’s where over five days we take the top leaders from about 30 of our dealerships on an immersive experience to learn how to grow their business. To improve the lives of customers and team members. And throughout that event, we partner with people like the Disney Institute, the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, UCLA Anderson School of Management. But we also wrap the events up with a what we call our thought leaders day. And we had Phil join us at that event as well, to go really deep with that cohort, with that audience on how to take it to the next level. How to take what they heard from Phil back in February and make sure they can better work habit of communicating effectively with impact. And that drives business results.

Lou Diamond: [00:03:41] Jason, would you say that Phil’s message has seeped through your organization and it comes out in communication with the other people at Volkswagen?

Jason Bradshaw: [00:03:53] It absolutely has and we next year in 2020 are launching two new cars. The Australian market, the vehicle, the T Roc & T Cross, and it’s something that’s really quite exciting for us as a business. And what’s even more exciting is that when I announced that Phil was going to be working closely with us on the training programs to bring that car to life here in Australia, , although it was communicated to our dealers over email, it was if the response was as if there was a standing ovation.

Jason Bradshaw: [00:04:28] But they really value his practical and actionable approach to his craft.

Jason Bradshaw: [00:04:36] And it’s always good when you have people wanting more of a speaker that you’ve engaged with.

Lou Diamond: [00:04:43] Lastly, Jason, if some other organization was looking to bring Phil in as their speaker, why should they hire him for their next event?

Jason Bradshaw: [00:04:51] Well, I think Phil knows exactly how to motivate your audience from exactly what to say to exactly how to motivate. That’s Phil M Jones.

Lou Diamond: [00:05:00] Jason Bradshaw thanks for taking the time today to share a little bit about exactly what they say about Phil M Jones

Jason Bradshaw: [00:05:04] So no problems. Thanks for having me.

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