Podcast: “Exactly What to Say on Stage” – Standing Ovation Podcast with Jay Baer

Having my good friend Jay on Words With Friends was a pleasure for me, and now I get to join him as a guest on his podcast: Standing Ovation, dedicated to professional speakers telling the stories of their stories.

Some of the highlights were:

  • How my signature story came from a story I hated
  • Why adaptability and creativity are the foundations of the best stories and speakers
  • What comedic timing can do to maximize your impact
  • How being unpolished is more important than being perfect
  • Why giving yourself permission to play will improve your talk
  • How to work out your worth (and subsequently, your fee)
  • Why you should embrace being the bread, not the filling

As you can tell, I revealed a lot about what makes a successful speaker and a successful speaker business.

I hope it helps you to achieve the success you’re prepared to work for.

You can listen to it below or on the Standing Ovation website.

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