The BIG Finish

At the half way point of a year, many a sales person and entrepreneur is starting to determine their fate for the year ahead and may even be working harder on their excuses than they are their extra activities that can positively influence their numbers.

I feel strongly that the fact you are reading this, leaves you firmly outside the catergory of blamers and procrastinators and means that you are one of the few that knows that regardless of environment, the biggest influence to your personal success is your own personal activity.

To help you finish the year strong, here are 3 precise actions you can be taking right now to mean that Q3 and Q4 are an amplification of the first half of your year.

1 – Start with your NNT’s

Timing is one of the biggest reasons that great prospects fail to become great customers. Just because at a previous point in time your solution did not meet the mark does not mean that today you will face the same rejection. NNT’s are your “No Not Today’s” and are all those people that you “nearly” did business with in the past. Reconnect with these failed opportunities, find out what is new and see if you can reignite a spark for them to do business with you.

2 – And What Else?

Your existing happy customer base is ridiculously easy to overlook as a source of new business. The reality is, it is highly likely you are maximizing the opportunity that exists with the companies and individuals that have already experienced your awesomeness. Engage in conversations with your contacts and explore possibilities for extra opportunities, perhaps expanding your offering into other divisions. Take the time to learn more about their future plans, discover their challenges and find ways in which you can help. Its highly possible that they are either buying something from someone else that they could be buying from you or it could even be that they are not offering you more business because they did not know you are open for it!

3 – And Who Else?

Use the people you do know to open the doors you currently do not have access to. I am almost certain that you have a previous great relationship with someone who has since moved on to a new company that you don’t currently work with and could be a great person to reconnect with. Similarly, your existing clients hold the ability to introduce you to others in their industry that could benefit from what you do and it this point you are invisible to them. If you want more business then be certain that everyone who holds the power to create an opportunity for you is fully aware that you are open for more.

Wishing, waiting, hoping and praying for better results is a brave strategy. Create your own luck by asking the people of influence to help make something happen and know that if you do not ask then you do not get.

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