Exactly The Right Book

Your Customized Version of Phil’s Best Selling Book

Are you looking for the ideal, custom created and unique addition to your training event, conference or to gift to clients? Now Phil’s best selling book Exactly What To Say is available for you to customize. Add your own branding, colour scheme, cover testimonial, foreword and even work with Phil to tweak the book contents to suit your company or industry, with examples that will inspire your teams and clients.

There are so many ways that these custom products are being used already:

  • A high value, high impact gift for event and conference attendees
  • A powerful training tool for staff, leaving them informed, inspired as they implement
  • A gift to share with clients and colleagues as a stand-out way to say thank you

Imagine having a testimonial on the front from somebody highly respected in your industry, examples inside that relate directly to your sector and a way to really personalise learning experiences.

Also you can access excellent rates on orders of 50 copies or more of the book. For bulk orders only visit the order page directly.

There are 2 ways to customize your copies:

Option 1
Basic Customization

This entry level to customization allows you to apply your own company branding and positioning to the book for your employees, yet with no revisions or evolution of the core content.

It includes the following:

  • Change of color palette of book cover in line with your corporate colors
  • Option to change front cover testimonial to your chosen testimonial for book
  • Addition of newly written foreword from yourselves to position books content for your employees

One time
setup fee



$14.99 per copy

initial order


* Please note that following the initial set up, re-orders are possible with print-on-demand fulfillment.

Option 2
Complete Customization

This allows you to work directly with Phil and recreate the entire book through the lens of your organization and your position within your industry. Created through direct consultation, you benefit from all of the customizations mentioned in option 1, plus the following:

  • Complete re-edit of book’s content to position advice through the lens of your business
  • Revised examples to show exact use of words within your industry
  • Custom outro from Phil talking directly to your employees and endorsing your corporate objectives and positioning
  • Launch webinar or video to share the principles with key employees and used to kick off internal training initiatives

One time
setup fee



$9.50 per copy

initial order


* Please note that following the initial set up, re-orders are possible with print-on-demand fulfillment.

"Phil was phenomenal! He delivered an engaging and powerful message to our audience that allowed them to view their roles and power to influence in an entirely new light. Phil opened their eyes to new techniques to master their craft! We would highly recommend Phil to any industry, any crowd, in any part of the world as his teachings are principal based and he has the ability to capture the attention of and connect to any crowd!"

Angela Kurkian
Director, Education – PPA (Professional Photographers of America)

If it’s just bulk orders of Exactly What to Say you’re looking for, please visit the Bulk Orders page:

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