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Podcast: “Win More Business” – Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper

I had a fascinating interview with Chris Cooper as part of the Business Elevation Show on Voice America. Here’s what he said:

“Would you like to win more business? Are you letting countless opportunities pass you by due to a fear of being too pushy? Whether you are a sales person or in a non-sales role, we all have to sell. During this interview, I will be talking with Phil M Jones, best-selling author, multiple award-winner and one of the most sought after speakers and sales trainers. From training more than two million people worldwide to coaching some of the biggest brands in the world, Phil’s mission to “teach the world to sell” has resulted in his expertise being globally recognized. Phil is also a really inspirational person who has created a fascinating life living between the UK and US. Whether you are experienced in sales or a non-sales person, join us for what will be a very valuable, thought provoking interview.”

One of my favorite stories that I told in this interview was how, at 12/13 years old, I earned the money to buy the trainers (sneakers) I really wanted. This was a key lesson in earning what you’re worth. It’s as applicable now as it was then – how the things you want in life you have to be comfortable asking for.

You can stream it below or listen to it at Voice America.