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Magic Words: “Two Types of People”

It’s time for some Magic Words. These Magic Words are all about giving the customer the perception of choice, because customers love to think that things are their idea.  The more the a customer thinks something is their idea, the more ownership they take to the action, and the easier it is to get them to choose a path that you wish. Knowing that customers love choice, we must give them choice, and give them the perception that the choices are equally weighted.

You see, the minute I make the statement, that there are only 2 types of people in this world. The subconscious brain automatically says, “You’re right. There are only 2 types of people in this world. Which one am I?”  So if we use that preface, there are only 2 types of people in this world, automatically the recipient of that statement is thinking I’ve got a decision to make. I get to choose which one of these groups of people I’m going to fall into. If we then create 2 groups of people, one group that we want them to fit into and one that they wouldn’t like to choose, then we can get people to automatically accept they fit the criteria of the solution that we’re looking for.


“There are just 2 types of people in this world. There are those that step forward, embrace change and take action, and those that don’t.”

Those simple 2 choices would mean that the majority of people would pick to be in the first category, which is exactly where we want somebody to be when we’re looking for them to make a change. More often than not, when we’re selling, that’s exactly what we’re look into people to do. We’re looking for them to change where they’re at right now–and people hate change.


“There are just 2 types of people in this world. There are those that say they want to change, and there are those that are prepared to make a change.”

“There are 2 types of people out there. There are those that want the best and are prepared to pay for it, and there are those that choose to continually settle for second best.”

Without even asking which of those two groups you’d fall into, subconsciously, you’re picking a team and you’re picking the team that I’d want you to pick. When you give people choices, you make the two choices that are far apart, then more often than not, people choose the group of people that fit your solution.

Final Summary

There are really only 2 types of people in this world. There are those that read education programs like this, are entertained by them and enjoy them but do nothing, and there are those that this programme and do it because they really care about where they’re going with their business They take 1, 2, 3 or 4 bits of advice, put them into practice immediately and enjoy the results that they bring. You get to choose which of those two types of people you fit into.