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Podcast: “Exactly What to Say in Sales” – Expert Focus with Claire Dowdall

Claire Dowdall is no annoying saleswoman! In her show, she delivers straight forward advice and topnotch questions to her guests. The show is a breath of fresh air in the Expert niche. Claire explores entrepreneurship, sales and marketing to help you do the best job for your clients!

In This Episode, Claire sits down with Phil to chat about his book Exactly What to Say, as well as what creates better experiences in sales. During this riveting and informative interview, Phil discusses the inspiration for writing Exactly What to Say and what he hopes his readers achieve after taking the opportunity to read it.

Here are some key highlights:

“You cannot be someone successful who doesn’t have people who think they’re awful.”

“People are prepared to pay more for less if it delivers on its promise”

“Desire to stand out is bull****. You should want your client to stand out.”

“Don’t celebrate when you get the sale. Celebrate when your client gets results.”

“Confidence is a myth. You cannot have confidence without experience.”

“If not me, then who?”

“What other people think of you is none of your business.”

“If you’re saying something to someone to sound smart you’re going to make the other person feel dumb. If they feel dumb they’re not going to like you. Certainly not going to move forward with a long term relationship or partnership with you. You’ve made them feel inadequate.”

You can stream it below or listen to it on Apple Podcasts.