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Podcast: “How to Sell” – Authentic Entrepreneurs with Stu Saunders and Nick Foley

The Authentic Entrepreneurs is a podcast hosted by Stu Saunders and Nick Foley. Stu is the founder of YLCC Inc. An organization that works with 250,000 humans a year! Nick is a former OHL player, speaker, author, and the founder of Celebrate the Hero, Move for Inclusion, and Good Sport Education. Join Nick and Stu as they discuss what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in modern day business.


We covered a great deal of ground in this episode! From the difference between an entrepreneur and a ‘wantrepreneur’, a walk through my ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ model in detail for building a robust prospect list, the small things that build relationships and loyalty, plus much more.

You can listen to it below.

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