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Podcast: “Personal Responsibility Warrior” – Creative Warriors with Jeffrey Shaw

“The slightest change of words can greatly alter one’s impression.”

As one of my friends in business I was excited to be on Jeffrey’s Creative Warriors podcast, where he names every guest as an individual ‘warrior’.

For this episode I was privileged enough to be called ‘Personal Responsibility Warrior’ – I title I could get used to and be proud of. For me it’s one of the key principles of success in business and to take responsibility for your successes and failures in sales, persuasion and the art of communicating is an art in itself.

Jeffrey and I cover so much in this 43 minute episode, but what I love is that our discussion on how just the smallest adjustments in the words we use can make a huge different to the result. Whether it’s an action we wish another person to take, the way we want to make them feel or just to further deepen a relationship. Words are a powerful tool in making an impression.

You can stream it below or listen to it on the Creative Warriors website.

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