Podcast: “Phil M Jones: Using Words for Influence and Impact (ie = ‘Sales’ (is not a dirty word))” – The Unforgiving60 Podcast with Ben Pronk and Tim Curtis

The Unforgiving60 podcast is co-hosted by Ben Pronk, DSC and Tim Curtis, who describe themselves as “Two ex-special operations guys armed with MBAs seek out people leading lives less ordinary, in order to find out how they fill their ‘unforgiving minutes’, and what helps them go, always, a little further.”

In this interview we talked about my early years in business, how to have better conversations, plus some specific examples of where a small change in word choices can impact results hugely.

Listen out for dozens of tips, insights into the world of speaking and sales, plus my take on the “dark side” of the sales profession.

You can stream it below or listen to it on Apple Podcasts.

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