Podcast: “Secrets of Word Choices Revealed” – The 5 Minute Success Podcast with Karen Briscoe

The 5 Minute Success podcast is for people who want to operate at a higher level in just 5 minutes a day.

In this interview with the excellent Karen Briscoe, learn some of the simple changes to what you say and having the power to then change your outcomes and your world.

Highlights include:

“You must have clarity over 2 questions: ho am I looking to help? What am I helping to solve for? Without knowing those answers you won’t know who you are even looking to prospect to.”

“A story will always sell, where a fact will only tell.”

“Permission is the key to conversion success on an ongoing basis. To do this, you must be communicating what happens next in every conversation.”

“When you listen to valuable information like this, take immediate action and insert it into your day-to-day routines knowing it’s the actions that drive results.”

You can stream it below or listen to it on the 5 Minute Success Podcast website.

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