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Podcast: “Speech Breakdown: Exactly What to Say” – The Presentation Boss with Kate Norris and Thomas Krafft

Kate and Thomas love finding the strengths and weaknesses in a presentation and explaining why they work or need to be considered. In this episode we break down one of my keynote presentations, which was fun to do!

What You’ll Learn
• How an introduction to your talk can boost credibility and pique interest
• What to expect from audience interaction depending where, when and how you prompt it
• Getting your audience to believe they have set the direction of the presentation
• Speaking from a space other than on stage
• The importance of asking specific questions to get exactly the response you want
• How powerful it can be to not act out hypothetical situations
• The headline theory of using PowerPoint visuals
• Ensuring the similarities between your audience and your anecdotes is understood

If you’re a new or continually improving speaker, you’ll get a lot from this. Kate and Thomas were great to talk to and it was fun to be challenged by them!

You can listen to it below or on the Presentation Boss website.