Podcast: “Start More Sales Conversations” – Conversations with Phil Gerbyshak

Following my interview on Phil Gerbyshak’s podcast, he said this:

“After my conversation with Phil and after reading his book (2 hours total time), I changed some things in my newsletter, and I got results. More sign ups for my offer, and more people responding to the message. A great return on my first attempt”

I talk in this interview about my love for New York and why I made it my home. Plus my greatest deal to date.

I also talk about the origins of Magic Words from my early career to when I began training to when I made them a huge part of my work in 2011. There are multiple examples in the interview that you can draw upon and see how you could apply it to your own profession or organisation.

You can stream it below or listen to it on the Phil Gerbyshak website.

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