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Podcast: “Success Leaves Clues” – The Learning Leader Show with Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk is a skillful and masterful interview host. He managed to extract some very useful insights in the short interview, including some key examples of ‘Magic Words’, my ridiculous goal for my book ‘Exactly What To Say‘, how I got started in business and what I’d tell my teachers when I skipped class.

A part that Ryan really liked was when we discussed how changing one word can change everything. Check out the section from around 26 minutes in.

This is one of the most detailed and in depth interviews I’ve done! I always enjoy a conversation where I’m reminded of how far I’ve come, what I’ve learned along the way and what my key values are.

I learned that success leaves clues. Not only when looking at others but also in looking at your own journey, seeing your clients succeed and using that experience to help more people.

If you don’t listen to podcasts, then you are missing out. If you listen to and love podcasts and you’re looking for something new, then I highly recommend Ryan’s show.

You can stream it below or listen to it on the Learning Leader Show website.