Three Tools for Tackling Tough Conversations with Audible for Business

In an exciting new partnership with Audible for Business, Phil has joined a growing list of experts to create exclusive workshops for developing the skills of a leader in any organization.

This exciting new tool and series of workshops are designed to help business professionals and teams of all sizes develop the skills and mindsets necessary to compete, grow, and master new proficiencies amidst these challenging times of change. 

In this powerful workshop, Three Tools for Tackling Tough Conversations, Phil pulls out all the stops to share how curiosity, empathy, and courage are foundational cornerstones to turning conversations – even delicate or thorny ones – into successful interactions, win-wins, and leadership opportunities.

Here’s more on Audible for Business:

“Audible for Business leverages the power of Audible to give teams a new way to listen, learn, and grow together. Companies give their teams access to more than 3,000 titles, all hand-picked by our editors, including best sellers, time-tested business classics, and original workshops. Team members listen anytime, anywhere with the Audible app to elevate their workout, lunch break, errands, and much more.

With everyone’s time and attention more precious than ever, Audible for Business is delivering learning that works right now. We’re collaborating with the most innovative thought leaders to produce exclusive listens available only through Audible for Business to help teams spark conversations and new ways of thinking. Through snackable interviews, intimate stories, and enlightening case studies, teams and individuals will discover emerging ideas and get in front of what you need to know, next.”

If you’re keen to learn from Phil in this original workshop, anywhere at any time, or you’d like to get your team involved in Audible for Business, all of the information can be found here:

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