What are you leaving on the table?


Every one of us is missing sales and business growth opportunities every single day. 

Every one of us is missing sales and business growth opportunities every single day. Whether from face-to-face appointments, telephone conversations or marketing messages, we are bypassing huge potential for enhancing our sales success.

I can imagine that a number of you are challenging in your mind right now what I have just said and consider that your sales conversion rates are high and business is buoyant. This, however, is not about being competent or just above average, but is about taking each and every opportunity and maximizing it.

For many of us, we simply have two potential outcomes from a sales opportunity: success or failure. What I am asking you to consider, is to remove the option of failure and replace it with different levels of success.  This is about “raising the bar”.

What this means is you need to plan your levels of success before each opportunity and consider what there really is on offer. You might have an appointment with someone who has shown interest in one particular product or service. Open your mind and think–what else could this person provide to me?

Things to consider are as follows:

  • Additional sales – The easiest time to sell something else to someone is immediately after making the first buying decision.
  • Further appointments – Increasing the frequency of transaction is a fantastic way to grow a business, and planning the next appointment keeps you in control of this.
  • Referrals – Asking for referrals should be part of your daily routine.
  • Cost Savings – If you spend with these people too, they may be able to improve their offer to you. If you don’t ask, then you don’t get.
  • A cheeky request – Many of your customers will have a database of customers and send them regular newsletters. If you ask to be included in this, they may well agree. Again – if you don’t ask, then you don’t get!

So please consider where your bar is set for your sales opportunities. Consider what success looks like to you and go achieve more of what you know you’re capable of.

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