Alison Stratten: Family

In today’s show of Words with Friends, Phil interviews author, producer and content creator, Alison Stratten.

Our topic for today’s show is “Family”.

Family means different things to different people. For Alison, her family is her purpose, her foundation – that gives her stability. Her life revolves around her five kids, ranging from 13 to 23. 

During this virus outbreak, Alison shares that like most people, her family is also under lockdown.  How have her family dynamics changed in the wake of COVID-19?

While some of her kids are coping fine with social distancing, Alison reveals that her other kids are going through a difficult phase. In this segment of the show, we discuss why it is necessary to display more empathy right now.

How can you maintain an emotional equilibrium right now when you need to “give” without getting anything in return? And, as a parent, what is the best way of dealing with your child’s frustrations? We discuss all this and much more in today’s show.

We wrap up this show with a fun and engaging rapid fire round.

Tune in to this great conversation now!

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How to manage family dynamics in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak
  • Why your family is your safe haven
  • How children are adapting to online learning
  • How to channel your emotions during the lockdown
  • And so much more!


“My family is my purpose. They are my foundation. They give me stability”.

“I have learned way more seeing my daughter grow up than I can teach her”.

“I think the world is going to be different, and I want to prepare my kids for whatever these differences are”.

“The most important thing for my children is how to be a good person in this time of crisis”.

“If you are home and safe, you are more privileged than most people”.


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